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Monday, October 13, 2008

Holy first Wedding nightmare!

Omg - So Sat. we had very busy day - we had a gradution to go to - which by the way made my itch to get my ass back to school even more so.. so we had that and I saw so many of my old friends.. Small world.. Anyway - we got done with that and then had a surprise party to go to at 5 - I didnt have time to dress up like I had hoped because by the time I had gotten home it was 4:15 and the baby needed to eat then we needed to be there by 5:30 so we wouldn't miss the surprise - so we go to the party and we didn't leave until about 8:30ish.. I got home put Baby T down. He was exhausted so was I!! So I headed off to bed, Man oh man being in bed never felt so good.. haha..
So I dont know how my dream started out but somehow I was at my Venue Villa Siena I could see everything, the fountain the fireplace everything, but there was a problem two of my bridesmaids bailed on me the day of, there were no people in there seats except like 5 maybe. My Dress was the wrong dress and John was not John!! So I began crying and shouting that this was all wrong.. We have the dates all wrong!! I couldnt figure out what was going on. Then it shifted to an outside beach wedding and I was actally getting ready to walk to John but some "Bitch" got in front of me in MY wedding dress and was walking to John too!!! So I was like in a race to get to the altar before she did.. UGH!! it was a mess. Ya well she ended up getting there before me and I just fell to the floor crying.. and from out of no where.. My friend Kim showed up and said its okay honey - your just having a dream.. I'm like no I'm not this is really happening!!! As I was sitting there crying I could see John marrying this other chic and of course I couldnt see her stupid face!! annddddd then I woke up!!! WTF I wanted to beat this chick up.. What kinda effed up dream was that all about..
That was my first dream wedding related- since being engaged. umm 2 years ago,, haha..
Why can't wedding dreams be nice and peaceful?? so ridicuolous!!
So that was my dream - it was horrible.. and I hope I dont have another one like that ever again!!

1 comment:

alie said...

omg jenni that dream is AWFUL!