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Friday, October 10, 2008

3 Months Old

Tristan Marcus is 3 months old as of Oct 9th.. I dont know where the time is going but it sure is going fast.. Sad yes, but so fun all at the same time.. Tristan is getting so big and is soo very smart. He's so social and loves to be the center of Mommy and Daddy's heart. We started putting him in his crib about two weeks ago to see if maybe this would help him sleep through the night and the first night he slept ALL NIGHT!! I of course did not. but I was in amazement that he did so well. Since then he's been getting up only once and sometimes not at all, and I am actually getting some good sleep.. Thank you Thank you.. I love when I walk into his room in the morning to get him and the smile that comes across his face makes me melt everytime!

He is now wearing 3-6 month clothing and graduated to size 2 diapers. We have an exciting month ahead now that the holidays are upon on us.. Halloween is on the 31st and we are going to dress our little boy up to be "The Hulk". We also have his 3 month pictures with Shelly from Ivy Studios and I can not wait to do these pictures, since now Tristan has such a personalty and is smiling and giggling at everything and anyone.. :0)

Today I brought my camera to work and was playing with Tristan - He normally hates being on his belly, but I got him up on his arms and before I knew it he had rolled over.. I was amazed.. so I did it again and over he went.. So I grabbed my camera and started recording him to make sure John could get in on the action and I will share the video.. mmm if I know how to get in here??? Try this

He is getting so strong and before I know it - He's going to be crawling.. :(

So here's to turning 3 months old.. Baby Boy!!

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