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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Posts I will get to!!

Here's a list:
*M's Room, I think I've promised this like a million times  Well his room is Semi-mostly done
*T's Room- Well his is 95% ish done but whatevs I will show case it
*I start school again---- YAY!!!!!  Jan 18th and its dreaded Chemistry 
*M's 5 Month stats and ramblings
*I started making my own baby food.
*Christmas and New Years- Yea its super late. Oh well.

I'm terrible at blogging lately and I know why but its really hard to explain with out rambling on with no sense in tact. So I won't, I will just try my hardest to get my ass back to my comfy spot on the couch and blog while watching catching up on all two shows I so love!!  I've been slacking on the picture taking as well and I freaking hate that. I love pictures no matter how much my husband and kid tell me to get out of their faces, M can't talk so he has no choice. Anyhow-  since my last post, I've thought a lot about things I needed to change in order for me to "do" me. I'm on that road but its going to take some work. 

I will be back tonight..  =)

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