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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Posts I said I would get to....

Lets start with T and M's Room's....  T's room has been finished for awhile, except the missing dirt bike silhouettes I still have not gotten.  Call me lazy.. Oh well.

You've been warned!!
John and I got this on our Cruise - I thought it was super cute and fitting considering we have two boys. His room is not Pirates, but I still wanted to put it up.

Monster Trucks... I don't think T will ever get sick of his Monster Trucks. LOVE LOVE LOVE's Them!!
The decals were purchased from Fathead, they were a pain in the ASS to put up we used spray glue to make sure they don't come down.

His bed was his old crib we converted it to the full size, which he loves and honestly he's lost in it. It takes up so much of his room I feel bad, but we made it work. The rub was purchased at IKEA and he loves it. Its his little town for all his cars or monster trucks.

The wall is full of basketballs, baseballs, footballs, a hockey stick and a jersey. all which have been signed by numerous professional ball players. We also have one of Shaq's GINORMOUS shoes.

Onto M's room

Looking in from the door.  This decal was purchased off of Etsy and holy hell it was a pain in the ass to put up, piece by piece we had to do it plus add extra glue. Definitely meant for flat non textured walls. but of course I wanted what I wanted and this will have to do!! At least it'll be easy to take down when its time for a change.

The picture frame was made by one of friends, the baby inside however is Not Micah. The owl bank, I found in Vegas and had to have it!

These owls from my baby shower that my sister gave me, So cute!

Oh this dresser.. This dresser has some meaning!!  This used to be my dresser, My Dad made this dresser for me. The first two drawers fronts even had my name engraved on them.  Its made of solid Oak and heavier than heavy!!  Its been at my moms ever since I moved out and she's been asking what she wanted me to do with it. Of course I wanted to keep its sentimental to me, even more so now because my dad is gone.  She asked me again when I got pregnant with M and right away I was like I can use if for M. I just had to figure out how to get a new drawer front and stain it to match the crib.  Luckily I'm in the cabinet, counter top biz so we know people. I asked my friend if he could take it clean it up, stain it and change the sliders for me. He did, it took awhile but I got it back about a month before M came. I LOVE it and I hope M will keep it forever. Its a very meaningful piece something that I hope gets passed down to his kids and so on. I'm sure it will with stand the times, I mean its Oak and it means business!!  =)

This is a Mobile I had made from etsy, it matches the colors of the bedding. It freely hangs over the top of the crib. I love it!  M seems to enjoy it as well.

I saw this owl in a parents magazine when I was trying decide on bedding and themes for M's room. Once I saw this I was in love and knew I had to have some owls in his nursery.

And the finished product. The rod that's being used to hang those curtains is not staying I just needed something to get them off the dang floor. I'm still searching for the ONE that I want but haven't come across anything, who knows if I will but this will do for now.

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