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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ohhh She's a Crafty Biatch...

Move over Martha,, Jenni's in da house!!  =)  Kidding.. But I did get crafty with my favorite little guy.  We've been doing some Christmas crafts around the house.  Have you heard of a website called Pinterest??  Freaking amazing site!! The first time I got on, I was sucked right in. I think I accomplished zero work and a whole lotta pinning for the first week of being on!!  FUN FUN FUN!!   Anyway. This site is full of ideas, crafts, DIY stuff etc for home, self, kids etc etc.. and you can follow me here:
I found a few crafts that I was wanting to do. Some for the house, some for me to do with T, and some for the holidays. Well I kicked off the first craft with T.  We made a Santa Count down. Idea was taken from another Pinners blog site. Although I think next year I'm going to do ours a little differently by adding the numbers onto the face so we can actually see how many days we have left and work on T's counting. Right now we are just going off of memory and some days we forget. So here's what we did.
I searched the interwebz for a Santa face I could cut out and paste with out the stash. I don't remember what sight I got it from.
I C&P'd the face into my adobe, blew it up and print it out. Cut it out.
I took 2 scrapbook 12X12 card stock papers. I found 2 other holiday papers. The first one I cut to hide the seam and separate the poem from the stash.
I grabbed the same poem that the pinner used. If you search the web, you can find others. I like this one. I also added "Merry Christmas" at the end.
Stuck the Craft paper in the printer and printed it up. It didn't come up as well as I wanted but it'll do.
I took all the pieces and told T to come to the table with his glue. (we should of used a glue stick not actual Elmer's glue) Or even double sided tape.
I let T do the gluing and pasting. 
WAHHHLAAA!  We have our countdown. We are using cotton balls to fill his stash up.
CUTE, Right??  I thought so..=)
Next years will be way better!!

My Next Project was a Santa's Belly Wreath made from a Styrofoam wreath, yarn, felt and a furry thing to make the beard.  Super easy and a little time consuming but I must say it came out super cute!! 
I got all of the stuff needed at Joanne's I even had a 20% off entire purchase coupon so I think the entire project cost me $10 bucks.

I also made this subway art, well I take that back. The pinner made this Subway art, I just got a white frame, Red Mat and card stock paper to print it out on. Simple, Easy and super Cute. 

I also made an Ornament with T. Which I also got the idea from quite a few different pinners and no one in particular. Just search the web to find an idea. I Purchased a clear plastic ball, some white paint, 2 Pens that weren't the right ones for writing on the ball or the paint. My bad. Better luck next year. I started doing snowman fingerprints, which were cute until we used the pens and they effed up the snowmen. So then I painted T's hand all white and had him wrap his hand around the ball. That came out cute!  I will take a pic when I get home and post.

I have another project in the works I'm just waiting on a few things to be shipped to make it. The include wood letters that no craft store in the state of AZ carried!! BS if you ask me. So I will showcase that, once it's done. That project will be for the house and up to stay.

(and please excuse the awesome quality of the pictures, they were taken with my camera phone)

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