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Friday, December 16, 2011

4 Months Old- Micah

GEEZUS!!! I suck this time around.. Normally I'm right on top of these things. M was 4 months old on the 7th it is now the 16th.. =/

4 Month Stats:
Weight: 15lbs  55%
Height: 26" 90%
HC: 16- I think 55%

This guy is one slobbery, googly ball of fun and giggles. He's started to belly laugh, its quite cute! He laughs at T like its going out of style. I love watching them interact. The slobbery mess that he makes is ridiculous. This kid has been drooling since 2 months old and even more so as the months pass. He's chewing on his hands and the poor things are all red and raw. Actually he's chewing on anything he can get into his hands and into his mouth.  He's definitely in teething mode which is great, but I really hate this part. His shirts are soaked within 5 minutes of dressing him. He doesn't seem to be bothered just yet. I did notice within this last week he's had the 4 month wakeful period. I remember going through this with T, because T was a sleep through the night kinda guy and when he started waking in the middle of the night I was like WTF!!! With M its a little different, M is not, I repeat NOT a sleep through the night kinda guy, he is a very restless sleeper. Well at about 3 -3 1/2 months old I started a new routine with him, which seemed to be working up until recently. The new routine was this;  his last feeding was at 8, but it wasn't. I would wake him up and give him about 4 oz of formula around 11 and off to sleepy ville he went, I was able to get to at least 6 am if I was lucky. Like I said he is very restless, so if he loses the binky he wakes! When I hear him on the monitor I wait, wait and run when he starts to get loud. I know this kid, I know what loud awake is and I know what loud I'm gonna wake the eff up if you don't hurry up!! So when I hear 2nd one I run and pop binky back in, and walk back to my sleepy slumber.  Rinse and repeat probably 3 times during the night.  oooooohhhhh yea..  Life with him is FUN FUN FUN!!  (can you hear the sarcasm).. 4 month wakeful is BS in my book, at this point.. I fecking hate it!! The routine I'm used to and was getting SOME sleep with went straight out the fuckin window and has left me even more tired, irritable and an all around bitch. I feel so bad for those I come in contact with. 
So onto other happy notes. His neck is doing fabulous and we are hoping to be released from Physical therapy by the end of this month. He's a rolling fool, rolls from one side of the house to the other. He did however figure out that we have tile for floors and that shit hurts when he comes off belly to full on back. Poor guy had a little knot. He's almost sitting by himself. This guy is ridiculously strong. Pedia said he's definitely at a 5 month rate than a 4 month rate. YAY.. not really, this time around I'm cool with him doing and going a lot slower than he should be or expected to. I'm so not ready for a crawling baby yet!!
He's been eating 5 1/2 oz - 6oz at any one feeding. I also just tried some Rice cereal(Oatmeal single grain) Just to see his reaction and see if he was ready, he's showing signs he is, but I just wanted to see. He wasn't sure what to think at first but that spit reflex is almost gone. He ate most and 15% of it was all over him. I was researching first foods for this kid. With T I did everything text book, but this time I was looking into making my own food and trying different things with M. So I read that first foods really don't have to be rice cereals or any grains for that matter. Anything mashable, bananas, avocados etc would be good. So I think in the coming weeks I'm going to start introducing those to him.  More than likely after Christmas and closer to his 5 month birthday.  The one funny thing about this kid is that, he does not like to be held. He would rather be put on the floor or in something to entertain himself. Which is fabulous, but sometimes I just want to cuddle him. =/ He likes his space that's for sure.

He talks and coos and ahhhs and screams just to see how loud he can get and when  I say Whatcha screamin about, he finds all to hilarious!! Which makes me laugh out loud.  Love this little guy to pieces I tell him every morning and night probably, "I could just eat you up, cause really I could.  =)


Amber and Brian said...

Such a cutie! And those pics are great! Did you take them?

Jenni said...

I did.. and thank you.. =)