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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Grinch or something like it

That's what I feel like this year.. WHY??  I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE!!

I normally love love love Christmas time. The hustle and bustle, the festivities, the parties, the constant go!!
But this year for some weird reason, I'm not feelin it!!  I decorated, I made a few crafts, even a countdown with T I found on Pinterest. I went out on Black Friday and scored some great stuff for my spoiled kids. I started listening to Christmas music on Pandora to put a little pep in my step, Nothing!! I feel rushed through this dang holiday. I can't even enjoy it! That's how rushed I feel. Every weekend we have something going on. I'm used to us being "busy", I like it that way. Except now with two kids I want the slow down. The days we don't have anything to do I find myself at peace. I find myself with M in T's room playing trucks, or Cars or whatever he wants. I enjoy that time. I'm able to get on there level and play with them. Cleaning? eh I'll get to it when I get to it, Laundry, same deal.  I would rather sit and play or watch whatever movie T wants to watch.
I wish I felt more into this Holiday this year, especially it being M's first and our first as a family of four.
I feel like the Grinch or actually the Grinch showed up at our house this year and took my Cheery Christmas spirit away.
We have the Elf on the Shelf and T lost the freaking Elf, I have no clue where its at. Like how do you lose the freaking Elf??? HOW?? We don't have a very big house. Its been missing since last year. I figured it would turn up, nope. Seems Mr. Elfy flew the coupe and figured T was the naughtiest kid ever and never came back. GAhhhhh So in order to get another Elf I have to buy the entire thing again!! No thanks!! Whats even worse is last year when I bought it, it was 20 bucks not 30 and I had a coupon so it made it 15.. grrrrrrr....
See what I mean. This Christmas is just BLAHHH!!! =/
I didn't even do Christmas pics this year!! ME not do Christmas pics??  That's insanity on my part. On top of that, I haven't even done Christmas Cards. I'm always on top of that!! Not this year. I tell myself everyday "Ok I will do a quick photo shoot with the boys", and well I don't. I even got them outfits for this "photo shoot", I just don't have the energy nor the want to go and do them.  Horrible!!
We haven't even gotten our Tree yet. That's pretty typical. Since we get a real tree, I can't do fake. Maybe that's what I need to get my Christmas butt in gear is our Christmas Tree. I doubt it though, because I'm not gonna lie the thought of  not even getting one this year HAS crossed my mind..  I even contemplated in my head, well maybe we could just get one of those mini tree's and put it on the table. HA!! 
Serious GRINCHNESS going on!!

I feel so bad that I feel like this.  Even more so because T is really starting to understand this whole Christmas thing. He's asked a few times where's our tree, where's our fireplace, where's the snowman and Santa's?   Which I have no answers for except we just haven't gotten to it yet..
I need to snap out of it soon. Like today or this weekend and get it together for the sake of Christmas. 

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