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Monday, November 21, 2011

Acid Reflux<<< YOU Suck!

On top of all the other things we are dealing with, with Micah we are now dealing with Acid Reflux.
Poor guy.. I feel so bad because I wish we would of caught this sooner. I feel bad as a Mom because at his 2 month well check, she asked if I thought maybe he had it, I'm the Mom I should know what makes him feel bad, or great or sad or happy. And this time I missed it!  I'm pretty positive M has had this Reflux for awhile but not until last week did it show its ugly face.  My kids are spitters they always were, so M spitting up is really nothing knew to me.
Last week was the start of the Ugly, He started on Tuesday he was crabby, very fidgety every time he ate and there after, uncomfortable, did not want to sleep etc. Had a few crying episodes! Wednesday I went to work and when I picked up the boys from Day care she had said that M was crabby, spitting up alot, didn't want to sleep etc. When i got him home, I played with him for a bit and then put him in his swing, he fell right to sleep no problems.  That night he was fine to.  Thursdays are his physical therapy sessions. I always get there early so I can feed him and make sure he's happy and content. He was completely fine. Full belly, Happy baby!  So we went to start and the minute I laid him on the mat he started crying, like not the normal bitch why you laying me down cry, this was OMG why did you lay me down, something hurts cry. So I picked him up and even that wasn't working, by this point he's screaming, crying, can't catch his breath cry.  So I walked, shushed him, sat him up, patted his back everything  he finally settled down after about 20 minutes!! I layed him back down and it started again, finally I rolled him to his belly and started patting his back pretty hard to see if he had a burp in there. Oh yea, he had a burp and it was deep in there and the sound it made when coming up you knew it hurt but felt good. After that he seemed better, but he was already passed the point of no return. So we ended our session with Zero therapy. she showed me some new things to do at home and to keep an eye on a few things.  Before I left, the therapist asked me if he had reflux, and I said well no, why?  She kind of hesitated and I said why do you think he has it? She said its possible and I agreed because T had it but when he was little little. So I never thought twice with M. Not to mention both of their symptoms were different.
Needless to say, I got out the door called the Dr's office and got right in.  When I went in she looked at the back of his throat and saw that it was irritated and red, she felt his belly which was gassy and bloated.
I explained what was going on and she wrote a script for some meds. I asked about the scans they do, I'm not new to this, My sister has dealt with all this crap with her two boys so she suggested I just ask for the scans and not to mess around so they can whip out the big guns instead of toy around. My pedia said she would rather do meds first, the 3 scans they offer include radiation and the 3rd one he would need to be put out. He's only 4 months old, NO thanks!!
So meds it is. That night we got started and let me tell you!!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  He slept -I mean he's been sleeping since I got started on a new routine. but that night he slept with out fidgeting, with out a peep!! I was the one who was up just waiting, and waiting and waiting...... nothing. Pure silence!

I feel horrible now that I look back. He had tall tale signs of Reflux the entire time! Shame on me.. However, I'm glad we caught it and I'm glad these meds are helping him. I hope this is all he will need.  If not we will have to move onto different formula which costs an arm and a leg!!  Oiiii..

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