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Friday, November 11, 2011

Micah is 3 Months

Oiii.. 3 months old already!! Time is seriously flying and gosh darn it I hate it!!  Knowing he is my last I want time to slow down just a little, well a lot!!  I would however like him to start sleeping through the night, but it seems I can't have both and in my case either. =(

So Micah is 3 months old, he's rolling, he's cooing, he's giggling, he's talking(not literally), he's smiling that gummy tooth less smile, he's by far the cutest kid in my book and so squishy and cuddly I just can't take it. 
He is most definitely so much more different than his brother. He may look similar in some photos but has a different personality all around!! Funny thing is, is he's not nearly as chubby as T once was.
I laugh at myself because as I was buying clothes for winter time while I was still prego, I figured he would be just like T in that he would be wearing -6-9 month clothing as T did. T was by far the chunkiest baby eva. And M, well he's not and now I have a ton of winter 6-9 month clothing that does not fit him. HA!!   So shame on me for expecting them to be the same person. Undoubtedly wrong!!

So the stats:  Well I have none. I'm assuming his weight is around 13-15lbs, height I'm assuming 24-26". We don't go in for his well visit until his 4 month. 
I will say this though. He is such a smart, strong willed baby if I ever did meet one. Tummy time, forget it!  He rolls right back onto his back!! When I flip him back, he goes right back, Eff you ma!!
He rolled once from his back to his belly and immediately said eff this shit and rolled right back over. Quite funny, especially because of the face he made after realizing what he had just did.
When propped up on his boppy or a pillow he uses his abs and neck to pull himself up and proceeds to face plant it, or roll to the side. That pisses him off!!
He's so interactive now, he loves to lay on the floor and talk to the fan, talk to us and anyone who would like to listen. He has a few ticklish spots and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who knows where they are. (I'll keep that secret for just a little longer).
He loves T, when he sees his brother the biggest grin comes across his face, more than likely that grin means I'm going to eff you up when I'm big enough!!
M is only eating about 5-5 1/2 oz at a sitting and has a semi routine. We have a morning routine down pat, its the afternoon one that is all wonky and for the life of me I just can't seem to get this guy to conform. I tell him all the time if you would just listen to me, life would be so great!!
He still is not sleeping through the night. He's doing better - with one wake up to eat. The rest of the time, he fidgets. I've learned to just let him be until he gets loud then I get up, give back binky and roll back into bed. Seems to work 90% of the time the other 10% he wants to play and carry on.. oiii..
I'm trying to transition this guy into his crib and yea well that is just not happening. I started with naps just as I did T, and M only gives me 45 min in the crib.  He's a stinker. He's getting better as time goes on, but I would love love to have a sleeping baby in his own crib by Jan 1.  Sleeping through the night would be even better. His neck is looking great, we are still going to physical therapy and hopefully will be done with it by December.  I'm pretty sure he's started the teething process, this kid drools like its going out of style. 

So that's that for my little stinker!!  He's an amazing little guy and I could definitely eat him up!!

Happy 3 Months Old.

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