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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Waiting

Still wishing and hoping and praying that this kid comes on his own!  Yesterday I went in for my follow up. I'm up 3lbs and I wouldn't doubt it being water weight, my ankles are the sizes of elephant feet.  I'm dilated to a 2 and 60% effaced, she went ahead and stripped my membranes as much as possible and man that shit hurts!  I definitely had to breathe through that. I know I'm having contractions because while she was doing her thing she said, oh your having a contraction can you feel that.. "OH actually all I feel is you being brutal to my insides,but thanks for the knowledge!!" =)
Last night, I was super crampy and super blah I kept myself busy and walking around and went outside with T, took him to his swim class, bounced on the ball. NOTHING!!  Last night I was cramping big time and I found it extremely hard to sleep but that is all no sure signs I'm going to have this baby.  So we wait.. I have an eviction notice set up for him on the 9th - the Dr scheduled me for 430PM. So whether he decides to show face on his own(preferred) or forced out we will be meeting our little guy on Aug 9th.  I'm excited, nervous and anxious. Reality is really starting to play games with my head!!
I start my maternity leave tomorrow, and I have one last attempt to get him out. I'm going to an acupressure appt, as well as going to get a pedicure and my nails done. Then Friday I decided to keep T home and we are going to go to the movies, go to lunch and do just a me and him thing.  He deserves it because life is about to change!! For all of us..

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