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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Nose is Straight!!

Even straighter than when it was before, you see because John always used to say that I always had somewhat of crooked nose and I would always tell him to go pound sand. How dare he tell me I had a crooked nose!!  Apparently though, I did. 
I went in on Friday morning to have my nose fixed and when I arrived at the hospital, the nurses I'm not gonna lie were kinda frazzled at the fact that I was 38 weeks preg and about to have a procedure done on there floor. I arrived at 730 am and it took forever to be admitted, but once I was things were rolling. I met quite a few people, I had regular nurses, L&D nurses, anesthesiologist, my Doctor. I felt the popularity!
Anyway- they decided to not do a light sedation with a local, due to the fact that I was 38 weeks and that they were going to have to set my nose, the man with the drugs wanted me out, but before making that move we discussed it and discussed what it would do to the baby. After being reassured that the baby, would end up getting sleepy but would snap back out of it, we were good to go. I was monitored by the L&D nurses and fetal monitors were hooked up.  I was wheeled into the back and put out like a light switch. The sleep you go into is the most amazing sleep ever, even if it is only for 10 minutes literally that's how long the procedure was.  It felt like 10 hours of sleep though.  After I woke, my first question was, how is the baby?  GREAT. 2nd question, is my nose straight, "as it will ever be" I heard the Dr say.. PERFECT and off to la la land I went for a little longer.
The baby was definitely sleepy, but heart rate remained good and movement was slowed. They ended up keeping me and moving me to triage, because the on call OB preferred I be monitored for about 2 hours, and he saw a slight dip in M's baseline heart rate.  So that kinda made me nervous, but I was reassured all was well.
After being there for about 2 hours, we were released and my mom and I headed home..  I have a splint on my nose that I have to wear until this coming Friday, but really its not going to last! Its itchy and kind of weird. Sometimes I forget about it and then I get the stares from people, like "What the hell happened to her?"  Even more so when my husband is with me. HA if they only knew!

Before leaving my Doctor came in to see me and talk to me, he in fact said "hey you didn't happen to have a slight crookedness to your nose previously, did you?"  I just laughed and said you know what my husband told me all the time I had a slight curvature.  The Dr. said yea, I had to wrench on you to bring your nose back, not to mention it was already starting to set.   He wasn't kidding, because Saturday morning I woke up and I felt like a had gotten hit by a freight train, my neck, upper back and jaw felt horrible. They were so sore, I was just like what the hell happened to me.
So all is well in the nose department, I am so glad I was able to get this fixed before having M. One less thing to worry about and now we just wait for M to make his arrival. I'm getting super excited and anxious all at the same time.
I will post before and afters once I take the splint off. The difference should hopefully be huge!! I'm excited myself to see it.

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