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Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Update- 39 Weeks & Still waiting

How far along? 39 weeks 2 Days

Total Weight Gain? up 3 gained back the 2 I lost and 1 extra one. DANG IT!

Maternity Clothes? you betcha!!

Stretch Marks? Lets just say, YES and well Yes.I sprouted a new one, its nice and purple. Bleh.My belly is getting beyond stretched.

Sleep? Seriously What the fuck is sleep, You don't sleep, there just in not any comfortable position, once you find it, you get a cramp, your leg falls asleep, your hip gets all achy..
Best Moment This Week? This week sucked!!  My son broke my nose, I had to deal with that- being told I still had made no progress and really being given a deadline sucks. Best thing though.. I had my nosed fixed on Friday.
Movement? Movement has slowed down some, I don't think he has much room left in there. so if he does move its because he has hiccups or is shifting positions.

Food Cravings? Nothing really, I have zero room to eat. So when I do its small and frequent.

Gender? BOY

Labor signs? Everything slowed down since last Friday at 38 weeks, but as of today. things have picked up again.
Belly Button? Still in

What I Miss? Hmm, not much, there's a few things but its worth missing for the time being. I want to enjoy the last of this pregnancy. Even with swollen feet, heartburn, hips hurting etc..

What I Am Looking Forward To? Tomorrows Dr's visit, see where I'm at.  I also start my maternity leave on Thursday and if I haven't already had this baby, I'm taking T to the Smurfs Movie.. Something to do just me and him.. One last hooray.. =)
Weekly Wisdom? Enjoy every second of pregnancy because, it goes fast!!

Milestones: 1 week to go.. =)

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