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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plan of Action

I went and had a 2nd opinion about my nose, due to my gut feeling. I just felt like the other Dr. right off the bat was like "yep, surgery", Everything is surgery anymore these days, more money for you, less money for me!! WTF.. So I made an appt, with my Son's ENT that we took him to for his ears. Before I did I researched him to find out that he does in fact do facial reconstruction on the nose!! PERFECT!  So they got me in yesterday and he basically told me that the other Dr. was right as well, but going about it in the wrong way. I can have my nose fixed with being this far along, it just takes some approvals from the OB and so on.  Once we got to talking, he made it seem like it was so much easier and straight forward than the other Dr, quite frankly I felt a 100 times better sitting in that chair! I felt like he really took the time, explained my options which were only two and one had to have the approval of my ob!

I decided to go with the best option to get my nose back, and with out harming my baby. After making some quick phone calls to my OB, she gladly approved and jokingly said, "maybe we can knock two birds out with one stone", We shall see!!   Friday I go in to the hospital at 730 am to have him snap my nose back in place. For the procedure I will be put under a light sedation and nothing that will harm my baby (believe me I crossed my T's and dotted my I's) when we were discussing these options.  I will be monitored by the L&D nurses while the procedure happens which is a mere 5 minute thing.. I will be monitored there after for a few hours and then sent on my way.
I am super happy about getting my nose fixed, I feel confident that this is the right decision, and now I no longer will have to deal with it after the baby is born. Which is a huge relief!


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