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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tristan's 3rd Birthday

MAN, I can not believe my baby boy is THREE!!!  Time goes by quickly, and I know we all say this, but truly it does!! Soon I will be writing about having a 4 year old!!  Oiii

So T is Three, and we had a huge birthday party for him, this year I did Monster Trucks, Grave Digger, Spike, Maximum Destruction ( ya i know most of all the Monster Trucks).  I had a cake made that has the screen print of his face on it, balloons with maximum destruction on it, table cloths and paper plates to match. ALL out!!  We also got a a huge bouncy water slide/bounce house.  literally took up our entire back yard!!

Lets start off by saying the day started off great, the party didn't start till 3,  which was perfect because it allowed me time to get everything ready and still have some downtime, or so I thought!!
I left to go get the balloons, and his cake. While picking up his cake, I get a phone call from the hubs saying, "you need to get home, now",  Umm WTF  why?  "the A/C just went out"-  Que my jaw drop and my heart rate skyrocket!!  YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!  Of all days!! OF ALL DAYS!!
Yep, at noon our A/C decided that it was going to stop working on a 110 + day! While we are hosting our three year olds birthday, while I'm 9 months pregnant!!
Luckily we have great friends, who called there great Friends and got over to our house and fixed the damn A/C -but never the less I texted everyone who I could to tell them to arrive late due to the A/C and luckily everyone listened and didn't show until about 4-430- It was still hotter than a mother effer in my house, 87 degrees to be exact, we had our big blower fans going which helped a little, but still HOT!  The kids had a blast and barely noticed considering they were outside getting wet and sliding and well having fun!!  I on the other hand, was stressed, barely had a shower before people started arriving.. It was a MESS in the beginning. but in the END, his birthday was Awesome, He has tons of people that love him to death and love to spoil him just as much as I do.    Now for the pictures after the fiasco, I luckily have great friends who were taking pics for me, while I was running around. (so should have not been like this) but they took a ton of pics for me. Thank goodness!!

Tristan received so many presents, it took us splitting it up to get them all open.

He also received his first skate board!! Its a smaller version which is perfect for him

Tristan's Cake, My Brother photo shopped the image and put T's face in it. It was a hit!!

Blowing out the Candles.

Daddy Pile Up!!

2nd Batch of Presents, he got a new T ball set to start playing baseball!

Pinata time!!

And this year, John and I got T a Big Wheels Jeep.  He LOVES it.. When it cools down, you can guarantee we will be going to the park with this..

Grandpa and T, showing their guns!!

Racing Mater and Lightening, with his buddy Mike.

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