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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taking Desperate Measures

As of Yesterday when I went to the Dr's I still have not made any progress.  I'm stuck at a 1, a 1 people- no effacement, nada!!  These contractions and cramping are a waste of time.   I do realize being at a 1  means merely nothing in the labor world.  I could go any day, my water could break out of no where or I could start contractions. I realize this. As of yesterday though, I was actually given a deadline. My OB and I had set up a tentative date of the 9th for a scheduled csection, (which I do not want).. The date would be cool, but the csection not so much. I'm trying to go for VBAC this time around. Seems like the world and M are working against me! So I'm gonna work against them!!  I have a scheduled acupressurist appt. to get this baby started. They say that 6 of 6 women who get this go into labor within 24 hours.  and this is exactly what I'm hoping for!!  Lets hope they are right.. and again I realize that just because labor starts doesn't guarantee me an actual vaginal delivery, that I so hope for and want so badly.  I'm hoping that with this thrust, my body will hopefully throw itself into labor and take over from there..  I guess we will see..  

BABY??  No BAbY???  that is the question..

And I guess with this last deperate measure if nothing comes of it, I will accept what I'm dealt and have the csection with a smile on my face and be thankful that at the end of this journey I will have a sweet new baby boy!!  A brother for Tristan and a new son for the hubby and I. 

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