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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beat up by my 3 Year old!

Yea literally!!  T broke my nose!!  On Sunday night, we were doing our nightly routine and he likes to lay in our bed before going to bed. So as I'm getting him settled in and I sit on the bed, a flying head comes back and straight up hits me right in my nose!!  It hurt so bad, that I flew back, called for John and I could here T crying. John came in to find me laying back holding my face and grabbed T who was crying and asked me if I was ok, I couldn't honestly speak the pain that radiated through out my face was the worse pain I have ever felt, of course I started crying and John was trying to make sure I didn't pass out on him by talking to me, which I wanted nothing to do with talking.  When John got T settled he came over to me to see if I was ok, luckily I wasn't bleeding and I got up to check out the damage. From what I could see, there was nothing there, and John really couldn't tell either. He did however try to grab at it and see if he could feel and I think I almost whacked him in the face. So painful!! So I got ice and iced it for awhile took some good ole Tylenol since that's all I can take. It swelled up pretty good, and the throbbing was ridiculous. I have never been hit in my face before let alone broken anything. So this pain was new.
Next morning I wake up and I still can;t really tell, I have some swelling and mild bruising under my eyes, that honestly just look like bags from no sleep.  I walked into work and with in two seconds of my brothers looking at me they immediately were like WTF happened to your nose. Yep good indicator shits broken!
I made an appt with my PCP, and as soon as she walked in, she was like "oh, ohhhh",  Hmm doesn't sound so promising.  She tells me its definitely broken, but where? it could be be broken in 1- 2 or 3 places.. Awesome. I can't have an xrays so she sends me to ENT that specializes in the Nose department.
I see him, and before even bringing me into the room, he saw me come in and looked at me and said Oh yea he did some damage(my son that is)  Promising!! Way to let me down easy!!
So he came in took a look, pulled and tugged and I wanted to punch him!! Said I broke it at the very top of my nose as well as the bottom.. I don't know much about noses, I realize you can break it, there's cartilage in there etc, but apparently from the way T hit me, it was straight on and high, not like a punch to the nose.
He told me there was nothing he could do until after I have M. and by that he meant surgery!!  So I will be having surgery one week after I have M.  If M comes on his own like I so want him to, I can move the date up, if I go in for my scheduled Csection than I go in on the 16th..
Who would have ever thought a 3 year old could do this much damage?? Not me, that's for sure!!
This all happened so fast, that I don't even remember, how, what or why?  I didn't even have time to move, or get out of the way!!

I swear I can't catch a break with my pregnancies. Both of them have never gone smoothly.
With M, I have had Preterm labor, an accident, and now this.
With T, I had swelling, high blood pressure and a csection that caused me to stay in the hospital for 4 1/2 days along with a blood transfusion!!  Oiiiii

So now I get to rock a crooked nose for about 3 weeks, i am so hoping M makes his appearance sooner than later, so I can get this done and over with..

This is the aftermath, My BIL took this picture yesterday so I could see what they were all seeing, because I really couldn't see it just looking in the mirror..
Horrible picture, but you can see how swollen my face is and my poor nose. =(

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