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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Chopped and Colored my Hair!!

Usually you do that kinda change after a baby because it just gets in the way and then also to get out of that new mom funk. I decided I was already in that funk, and my hair was getting a wee bit to long, and on purpose. I was trying to grow it out and really I'm not sure why I even try, I feel and look better with short hair.. But I tried. I did however, color it and I took my color to another level of "blond" I normally stick to pretty simple highlights and low lights, but this time I was feeling a little flirty..

So here is before: this was at my shower, 3 weeks ago, I'm sure it grew alittle more than right here. You get the idea.

and here is after:

I wish I could get a pic of the back of it, its pretty high up and nothing sits on my neck. The cut itself isn't so dramatic, its the color. Which you can barely see. I love it!! 

Oh and I'm not so proud to say, that I sprouted my first gnarly gray hair!! Super wiry and curly!! I named it "John" My husband.. =P

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