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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Potty Training is not for ameretures!!! *Updated

Or for me!!!!   This Picture, makes potty training look easy. Don't be fooled!!  IT IS NOT!!   I'm not gonna lie, the first day of Potty training T (for reals this time) I almost called it and was about to put his diaper back on and call it a day, a weekend for that matter. I have patience, I do but lately my patience has been kind of null and void since being hugely pregnant, its hot and well I'm uncomfortable bending over time and time again to pull underwear off, put back on, repeat, repeat, repeat.. I will admit that my kid is a pretty easy kid, he always has been, Blessed I know.. =)  I really did think this was going to be a dousey for us, in the end though - Potty Training Does suck, but it can be done!! 
And with that said.. I will happily admit I now have a potty trained kid during the day, No Poop though. This is going to be another challenge for us. I really thought that first weekend we started potty training he wasn't going to do it, but the more I kept on him and the more he saw progress and the more toys that flooded in (YES I stooped that low) T has like 6 new motorcycles, a monster truck, some play tattoos and new painting supplies. BUT HE IS PEEING ON THE TOILET AND HE TELLS ME WHEN HE HAS TO GO!!!  THANK YOU JESUS.. So knock me for bribing and spoiling my already spoiled brat but it worked and I will take what I can get!!   
T is just shy of turning 3, in one month to be exact!!  So I can officially or unofficially (sans the poop) say I have a potty trained kid, during the day!! THAT MAKES ME HAPPY!!!

******* TMI post about poo so beware!!  Because I started this post yesterday, I need to now update it to include that T has officially gone Poo in the big boy Potty.. It may only be this one time but I just needed him to go ONCE to get the ball rolling.. Not gonna lie, I bribed again!!   Its honestly kind of funny how smart our kids are, or my kid or whatever, but when they seriously ask you for diaper back on, its pretty obvious they have to poo, and I just wouldn't give in!! I felt bad that his tummy hurt and if he really has to go he will go, diaper or no diaper.
This Morning though, was different he was eating breakfast and he kept saying my tummy hurts, my tummy hurts, Mommy I want a diaper, I said No! Lets go try and sit on the potty and go poo.. to which he obliged but with a gawddd just put an effing diaper on me lady!  He went pee and I let him sit for a few minutes, and said, "T if you go poopy, I will get you new paints", and he followed it up with and a new helmet, and monster truck? To which I said YES, and he POOPED!!     So I just spoiled my kid even more, but I got poop out of it and that totally made my day!!  I hope he can stick with this, I'm sure we are going to have some accidents in the long run, but at least he just did it once and now he can see that it was that easy!!  

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