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Thursday, June 9, 2011

1 Month Shy of 3 Years Old

How and when did my Baby turn into a walking, talking, potty training, puts on his own shoes, tells us left and right when driving, knows all of his body parts even the girl parts that one day caught me off guard, goes out back by himself and entertains himself toddler (big boy)??  It just amazes me everyday, how fast T is growing and how much he is learning.  He has a stubborn will about him, or maybe that's just the terrible 3's rearing its ugly head. Either way, he's mine and I love him more and more with each passing day. Even when I want to pull out my hair, because I have lost every once of patience  one person can muster.
July 9th is fast approaching and I catch myself wondering what the 3's have in store for us. For one they have a baby brother that is about to rock his 3 year old world. I know he's going to be a great brother, but I do have those guilty feelings about mine and John's attention not being on T solely. I feel bad, that he will have to learn to share that, because for 3 WHOLE years he has had nothing but our undivided attention.  I know, I know, we all had to go through  it and we all survived. Most if not all of us have siblings who had to share our parents and we all turned out fine, most of us!  I would be lieing if I said I didn't feel guilty, because I DO!!      On the flip side of that guiltiness, I'm super excited to see T embrace his brother, because deep down I know he is going to be so awesome with him. He loves babies and being around them, loves to "pet" them on their heads and has already been making progress at home referring to M's room as his brothers, and he names off everything that is M's and then everything that is T's and when I ask if he will share his things, he slowly looks up and says, "No"!!  HA  okay then.. well at least we got that handled!
For the time being I have one more month to bask in the 2's and reminisce on what an exciting year it has been for us and for him!!!  

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