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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its been boring lately....

I apologize now for the boringness that has taken over my blog..  I'm really not this boring in real life.

Lots of things have been going on, that have thrown me for a loop, and trying to get back into this "new" normal is a little weird.  I find it so weird that after T goes down for the night, I'm no longer rushing to the kitchen table to study or the computer to type up reports. I find myself sitting my pregnant ass on the couch and flipping through channels. SO WEIRD!!!   Its nice don't get me wrong. The first few nights I was like this just isn't right, but as I get used to it, I'm liking it.  I know I know, ENJOY IT NOW.. While I can.. =)

This month and next month and well every month after that is going to be crazy busy with events.

This month is my baby shower on the 25th, we are also going up north June 11th, June 18th is my Maternity pics which I'm semi looking forward to, my whale of an ass being photographed FUN!!  Did I mention we have been potty training T?  Yea that's for another post..

Then July brings T's 3rd Birthday on the 9th, July 23rd I'm hosting my Bf's Baby Shower and the 30th is one of our close friends Twin Baby shower, in which my husband will be hosting a Diaper Party for the daddy to be.

August- Well that brings the baby, and hopefully he will make his appearance on the 9th preferably, if not maybe the 6th?  I don't know I just hope he doesn't take up residence to long after his due date.  Then, brings my sweet sweet Maternity Leave and I am beyond excited about!!   I'm off for about 8-9 weeks. I will be working from home a little bit, since our biz is family run and I'm the office manager, i am the only one who knows how to do the payroll and all the taxes as well as sales/city taxes.  I don't mind though, because I can work from home and make a single trip in to drop off checks and check on things.

I have a few posts I need to get on:
*Baby M's Room-Final Product
*T's final product of a bedroom
*Our Master Bedroom, I totally forgot to take before pics, I will take Middle pics
*Potty Training T
*T's 3rd Birthday- Planning and the final product
*My Bf's Shower, Planning and the final product

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