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Friday, May 6, 2011

Some Good Happenings going on around here.

T went to his first Diamond Backs Baseball game with my Brother in law and my Sister, My BIL is really into Baseball and so is all of his boys, he has 3 and one girl. So they decided to take T with them.  He loved it!!!  He now carries around a glove and ball where ever he goes, sleeps with it and by all means DO not take that away from him!!  So instead of the big brute football player I was expecting, I think I may have a baseball player on my hands. To early to tell, but by the looks of it when we go to my nephews baseball games T sits contently and watches every move!!

My sister forgot her camera so they used their Iphones, Not a great pic. But T definitely had a great time with his Cousins. 

Also,  last week was rough. T was sick with some sorta stomach bug. He threw up Wednesday night, but seemed fine so the next morning off to daycare he went. She said he seemed fine his diaper was dome what runny. So than Friday morning we woke up and he told me his tummy hurt. So I told him to go sit on the couch and relax, which he did only to me coming out to find that he had SHIT allover himself and the couch. I felt so bad for him and all he said was sorry Mommy.. Aww I told him he didn't need to be sorry, he had an accident.  So cute! So I stayed home and got him into the Dr's and they tested him for Rota virus, which he tested positive for. So we had a pretty "shitty" week last week.Literally 

This week, I had one of my Final Practicals and for once I got a 91 on it. I am on cloud nine.  I have a final exam next Thursday which I'm dreading, but so glad and happy to be done with this class!  I have a Chemistry class I'm taking and everyone including myself think I'm crazy. but I have to! I have to get this last class in so I can get on the wait list for Nursing. It sucks but it has to be done.

We finally got T's decals up, just of the monster trucks and sadly one of the big ones already fell like 2 days after we put it up, so this weekend we are going to load it up with tacky and stick it back on the wall. If that doesn't work we may have to go by plexiglass and mount it to that. I will have a separate picture post on that stuff. His room, is I would say 95% done. I'm still waiting to order the dirt bike decals, just to see how the other one hold up, we have one more shelf I have to install, but I have to go to Ikea to purchase a matching one for the others. 
The baby's room, pshhh has been pushed off and looks like a mess. I tried to put away everything, and get things organized but lets be honest. I have no motivation!!

and that brings me to this week.  I had my Glucose test.  YAY I passed with great numbers she said, but I did not pass my hemoglobin. Your supposed to be in the 12 or higher levels and when i went in for my first screening I was at an 11 they said just to take my prenats and I should be fine. Well this time I went in and I tested at a 9.1. So now I know why I have been so lethargic that last few weeks especially this last week.  I have to get on Iron pills and these suckers are messing with my tummy!!  I have always had a pretty low hemoglobin count, and it plummeted while I was in the hospital with T. I really don't want to go through that again. So I will be making sure to take my iron and eat more iron enriched foods. 

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