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Friday, May 27, 2011

My Night in Triage!!

Gotta love pregnancy and all the fun things that come with it, even the late night preterm labor scares!
Not really..

I went into the hospital Wednesday night after experiencing some pretty intense pain through out the day,  and seem to be increasing by the nights end. It started in my Chm class, I was uncomfortable and achy but just thought maybe it was a stomach ache. When I got to work later that morning, it was becoming more intense and figured again, man what did I eat? When I would get up to walk around intense pains radiated through out my belly.  Lets just say,  I don't know what contractions truly feel like, because with T I was induced and those contractions were crampy lower back contractions. I have had braxton hicks where my tummy tightens but with out that pain I was feeling. It was sharp, it was uncomfortable and by the end of the night when I finally made the call to the on call nurse they were excruciating and literally took the breathe out of me.
I called my Mom to have her come watch T, and I called the on call nurse and she called back about 20 minutes later telling me I needed to go in.
So John and I headed in, of course once we got into the car I was fine, I actually felt a little better, but that didn't last very long as soon as we pulled up to the hospital 3 intense pains came across that put me in tears.
We headed up to L&D and they took me right back to triage, put the monitors on, took blood pressure and watched as I was having contractions, some were intense, some were just cramps, but the triage nurse definitely confirmed that nope it wasn't just gas as I was expecting it to be? HA I was actually having contractions. They made the call to my Dr. and she told them to give a shot of terbutaline and hook me to an IV for fluids. She also swabbed me and did a check to see if I was dilating. Which I wasn't, good thing!!
I was there until about 1am when things finally started subsiding, I was told I would still have some mild cramping and some spotting from the swab, but that I needed to take it easy for the next few days.

On top of all of this, I have had to make some pretty touch decisions, maybe not tough but some sensible decisions about school.  I have this last class that I started Monday, its my Chemistry class and I was hoping to be done and over with by the time the baby got here. Apparently not so and my body and baby M obviously have other plans for me. I was also warned by my Dr that I was doing to much in the beginning when I had told her that I would be taking a 5 week class. She wasn't thrilled and thought I was nuts, believe me I thought I was nuts to, but I figured I could do it.  Apparently not because three days into this class I'm having contractions and in the hospital. My brain and I had a very long heart to heart as well as a call from the Dr yesterday advising me that it would be best to drop the class. She didn't say "i had to" but she highly recommended it.  I have decided to stop school and just wait until Spring 2012.  I would much rather have a healthy baby than a preemie or constant hospital visits or worse bed rest until he;s due. Me and bed rest just wouldn't jive. I'm not a lay in bed and do nothing person.  So to say I'm disappointed sounds horrible, but I am. I really wanted to get passed this class to get on my wait list for Nursing and then I would be able to focus on my family and kids for 18 months or longer while waiting.  I know its for the best and of course I would do anything to make sure M stays in my bell-ay for ten more weeks to cook.

So now I know what contractions feel like, although I don't think those are "normal" contractions because every single person that I know that has been in labor has described it as being crampy and tightening, these were different, there was definitely tightening, but the pain was sharp and excruciating and not cramp style.

 Baby M you have been ordered to chill out for ten more weeks, at least. Mommy has made her move with no more school and no added stress so you can bake a little longer.  =)

*I will be 30 Weeks on Sunday.

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