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Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Update - 29 Weeks

Baby, fetus at 28 weeks - BabyCenter
How far along? 29 Weeks 3 days

Total Weight Gain? Still maintaining I'm assuming,  I really haven't weighed myself.

Maternity Clothes? Yep, Capri's, shorts and tanks tops. Its getting hot!!

Stretch Marks? Lets just say, I'm really beginning to despise (that's an understatement) looking at my belly, to me its full on blubber I realize I'm making a baby, but my body was in no shape to begin with and now it looks twice as bad.

Sleep?  What is that??? Please explain?   Between my legs being achy, my pubic bone has been killing me, Yoga seems to help, but only lasts for about 2 days.  I wish I could go more than once a week. I do stretching at home, but come on! Its just not the same.

Best Moment This Week?  I really don't think there was a good moment, with T being sick and me feeling like I huge whale.. Nothing great at all about this week.

Movement?  Please read definition for "bouncy ball"  this is my belly 22 hours of the day.
Food Cravings? Nada, which is so freaking weird, i used to crave certain things all the time with T, and it was usually always something different with the week. I guess its still fruit.  I can't get enough of Watermelon, VERY cold Watermelon, is AMAZING
Gender? BOY

Labor signs? I have been alittle more crampy than usual, and I get a few braxton hicks here and there.

Belly Button? Still in, and apparently from what I was told by the Dr. I have a major innie. HAHA When she did the belly measurement, she was surprised at how deep it was, and here I thought It was just because I was a fatty. =P

What I Miss? I miss sleep.

What I Am Looking Forward To?  I started my Summer class today, so I'm looking forward to getting this class over and done with, so I can KIND of relax.  Hopefully getting our master bedroom done this weekend. We figured with all the remodeling of the rooms we mine as well do ours to.. NUTS I tell you!

Weekly Wisdom?
to keep face masks in the house, especially when you have an older child. Throw up is the most disgusting smell, even worse when pregnant!! Just sayin.

Milestones: Making it into the third trimester. I can't believe I only have 11 weeks left give or take. but WOW I once felt like this was taking forever and now I can't believe we are almost to the homestretch!!

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