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Monday, May 23, 2011

Holy Vomit and Shit

Yea, VOMIT and SHIT!!!  Literally! T has been suffering from some kind of stomach bug that has lasted 3 weeks. It goes like this,  2 - 3 days of vomit and poo and then goes away and then shows its ugly face by vomiting all over the back seat of my truck!!  Thanks Dude.   Kidding but for real, I can handle shitty diapers even the gross ones, what I can't handle especially right now is vomit, any kind of vomit, the sound of vomit the smell. OH MY GAWDDD kill me.. Makes me want to vomit and I hate vomiting..
Anyway - We took T in about 3 weeks ago when this all started, tested positive for Rota Virus, great.. Should be out of his system in a few days, and few days came and went- with tons of shitty diapers luckily the vomit contained it self. We put him on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples and toast)  Seemed to do the trick so I slowly introduced him back into food again, eggs, yogurt, some fruit and every things good! NOT  then the shits started again!!  BRAT diet again!! Pedialyte to keep him hydrated and I basically let him tell me when he was hungry and wanted to eat. I also took him back to the Dr's because this is just bizarre, so she made me get a fecal sample, took some blood and tested him for OVA and Gardia.  All the tests came back negative, which is good, but what the heck is wrong my kid and why is he throwing up and shitting every few days??  No answer, just that - the rota virus is taking its sweet time existing my son's body.  Apparently
BRAT diet and pedialyte seemed to work, and that would be a NEGATIVE. Friday night we leave to go eat dinner, I needed to stop at walmart for some meds and while I went in my hubs drove around and waited for me.. err I mean I waited for him, I walk outside and he's no where, So I'm getting antsy and of course forget my phone in the car, good thing because I was about to blow him up. Thinking he was playing a cruel joke! He wasn't! I get in and first thing out of his mouth..
Him:  We are going home..
Me: WHY what did T do ?
Him: turn around:  
Me: Bleh.. Are you fecking serious,. VOMIT.ALL.OVER.  him, the car, the back seat, the floor.  Holy mother of god!!
So we go home, and of course I feel horrible, get him into the bath, and he shits!!!  WTF 
So I get him out and start over, annnndddd VOMIT luckily this time is the toilet. and then back into the tub. I feel like this was a rinse and repeat situation.   I let him chill in the bath for awhile, then got him dressed and FUCK... Vomit again, luckily this time, he was nice enough to warn me. So we made it to the toilet.  Meanwhile, hubs is cleaning out truck. Love him
 Rest of the night consisted of him curled up on the couch with a bucket in place and a blankets layed out just in case.  Poor guy.  So then Saturday we wake up and he's bright eyed and bushy tailed??   Luckily this weekend was pretty low key, so we hung out and rested, I took him with me to the car wash to have my back seat shampooed and carpets cleaned because really  there was no way I was driving my truck with that nastiness..  eww..
That was my weekend. My hubs finished up M's mural in his room and we got some major cleaning done, and some other things done. Mostly just relaxing - that was definitely needed.

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