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Friday, April 29, 2011

Swooonn... Over the Big Royal Wedding

I really didn't feel myself getting all amped up to see this, unlike a few people I know. I figured I would catch all the hype on the flip side when I woke from amazing sleep. but when your 6 months pregnant and you have a baby that seems to be sitting directly on your bladder the entire night. Its kind of hard to catch that amazing sleep, so in my sleepy walks to the bathroom at 1 and 3 and 5 I caught quick 15-20 minute glimpses of the Royal Wedding.  I of course had to stay up after I realized it had begun and the guests were arriving and I saw Prince William. (swoon) for a baldy he's still got it goin on.   I dosed off for  a little and remember waking to Kate getting out of the car, and I was hooked, I definitely couldn't wait to see her dress, the next day of course, but apparently my internal clock was set to see it then! And I did. She looked absolutely STUNNING and beautiful, the lace gah, the lace was AWESOMENESS!!   I felt a smile come across my face. Such a wonderful day for England, a light really. Joy and happiness was all over that place and you could see it on EVERY.SINGLE. PERSONS. faces.  Amazingness!!!

and then I woke again at 3 or sometime in there, to see them kiss TWICE. and again at 5-6ish to watch it all replay throughout the news media.  I think my favorite parts of the wedding were when Prince Harry turned around to see Kate walking down the aisle and turned to Prince William and  whispered something we didn't know at the time, but now come to find out, he said "here she comes, wait till you see her". I also loved the part when William turned around and saw Kate for the first time and again whispered something we had no idea we could assume, but come to find out he told her she looked beautiful. His eyes lite right up and that smile was from ear to ear. Its so nice to see the love they have for each other and you can genuinely see it in each others faces!!  
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