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Friday, April 15, 2011

School Sucks. Pregnancy Brain at its finest.

Never thought I would say that! Especially now that I'm older and its not high school. 

Buttt It sucks and I hate this class. I bombed my Practical 3, which I really honestly thought I would have scored really high. I studied my ass off and knew it!! How I got a 64 is besides me??  I'm no longer upset or have tears to cry (because those don't help my grade), but I'm pissed off!!  I'm mad and angry!!
We have 3 more tests, 2 of which are lecture exams and one more practical. These next three tests I have to nail to get a passing grade, I was hoping to at least get a B in this class, it looks as if I'm going to have to settle for a C. Which is not okay in my book, but at this point it is what it is.

One of my friends, pointed something out to me that I really never even thought of.  "Pregnancy Brain", I used to just think it was a silly saying people would say when you did something silly or weird or you forgot something that you normally wouldn't, can't focus.  I'm going to have to say this is by far my problem, I may have to use this excuse of Pregnancy brain, Its me.. my brain is not functioning.  I rocked my last 2 classes, I wasn't pregnant, this class I am having the hardest time in, and i shouldn't be, I love science especially Anatomy and Physiology. Its fun, its intriguing to me.

So I have no other excuse but to put some blame on my pregnancy brain. and most of the blame on the fact that I have either lost my motivation, have way to many things going on within my life (pregnancy, T, planning for baby, planning for T's b-day party, home projects, work crap) Its alot.    

So after this last class, and after I take my Chm class this summer, I am done for awhile. I will hopefully be on the wait list for nursing by then and then I'm taking a break to get my mind back. I have 3 co reqs I have to take before actually getting into the Nursing program that they require. The wait list right now is 18-24 months.  Yea I will be taking at least a year off. I need to recoup and get my shit together!!   SUCKS!!
I'm bummed, I'm pissed, I'm confused!! 

All that I ask, is that I pass this Bio class and i  pass my Chm class so I can apply for the Nursing Program. That's all.. =)

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