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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Before Pics, some After's but not 100% done

On our house, T's room and M's Room

The side, Minus Landscaping.

Backyard, taped and masked off

Side House

Front of House, No landscaping

Before on M's room
Misty Gray ugly room

 M's Room after
We painted it a Behr color: Water Sprout. This wasn't my first choice, but its growing on me. It's really bright and does does not photograph well, as you can see.
I'm torn on doing window treatments.

His Crib I feel tones down the brightness, I'm hopingg once we get all the elements in this room the color will blend right in.

T's Before Room


Its not 100% done, We also have taken T's crib apart and converted it to a double bed "big boy bed" as we like to call to call it. so far he's slept in it 2 nights and hasn't fallen out and I haven't heard a peep out of him.
I'm waiting on his decals, once those are delivered we can put them up and I will take and share photos again.


Lisa said...

looks good Jenni!!

Amber and Brian said...

I know the picture is probably off, but I really like the green!