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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few NEW things

First off:     Baby M kicked the other day and what I mean by kicked is, I saw it through my shirt and sat and watched as he continually kicked and then about 2 minutes later got into a comfy position and and didn't feel him again until later. Seriously best moment ever!  I love this part in pregnancy. When I can see and feel him moving around gives me the relief that everything is good in there. He reminds me of a puppy though, when they circle around and around there beds a million times just to find that comfy spot. That's what it feels like in my belly. Since that day, I have noticed his movements a lot more and I can tell what is what just by the  kicks and hits. I know he is head down, the little flutters I feel are head, elbows and hands, the big hard hits are the ones I can see through my shirt and are definitely his Football legs. 

Other happenings, that I have been posting about is T and M's rooms, I'm waiting on T's room decal to get here before I order M's decal, just to make sure the decals will at least work on the walls we currently have, if not we have to make some adjustments or not.. Who knows.. I started going through everything we have left over from T as far as baby items. It needed to be done and I probably should have waited and studied instead of gone through all the cuteness we have in store for baby M. I went through the clothes, I was handed back down from my sis that I gave to her for when she had her son, most if not all is to big for the first months, but perfect for the seasons. So that works out. I also went through the loads of stuff I have been buying. Seriously I can't help myself. I could almost tell myself that buying boy stuff is just as fun if not funner than buying girl stuff, but I would be lying to myself. I lie I must. =)

As of today the outside of our house will be completed minus the landscaping, I am so thrilled. We have a new roof, we will have a fresh coat of new paint with new colors to match the roof. Its such a great feeling to be done with this chapter. We have some work left to do on the outside, but that is mainly landscaping. Which will come soon enough.. Hopefully

So lots going on, lots of changes and new things happening. With all the stress and chaos, I'm loving it. I like Change, and I love new things!!  =)

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