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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Zantac saved me!!

Literally-   I have been suffering with the worst heartburn and indigestion someone could possibly suffer from!
It not only felt like a burning ring of fire in my mouth and throat, I was hurting in my chest.
I thought I posted about this, but as I look back I do not see it. Well moving on, I thought for sure I was having a heart attack, only to find out that it was definitely indigestion, mixed with some anxiety.  I was just starting school, with what I thought was going to be the hardest class of my life to pass.. da da dum,, MATH!!  Yea right,  I would take that class again in a heartbeat especially over this class I am taking now!  Anyhow.. I was getting the same exact symptoms then, that I am getting now and I wasn't prego.. So the culprit was the high stress levels of this class, mixed with anxiety!!  Well now, I am prego, suffer from heartburn, high stress of going to school and trying to pass "the hardest class of my life".  Mix all those together and you get..  Heart burn + Indigestion + me sleeping in a recliner+ mucho pain and tears and no relief!!  UNTIL,  My trusty friend over here.. recommend ZANTAC-   I was actually being stubborn and trying to wait for my stupid PCP to call me back with what they gave me when I went in June. Well they never called and I suffered miserably all day. I finally couldn't take it. So I went to Walgreens at 8 last night and picked up some Zantac, I didn't even wait till I got home to pop one.  I didn't feel relief right away, but I went home, got ready for bed, made a make shift recliner in my bed and before I knew it I was fast asleep, I woke up at 2 am to go pee and found myself no longer in the upright position and I was so super comfy!!  It was amazing!!  I was scared to fall back asleep lying flat, so I propped myself with 2 pillows and slept so great the rest of the night- my alarm went off at 5:15am and I snoozed for an extra 30 min. relishing in the fact that I was no longer in pain, and I actually got some much needed sleep!! 
This Momma, gives props to Zantac!! 
Thank you lord!! 

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