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Monday, March 7, 2011

Disney Land and some other stuff..

WE are GOING TO DISNEY LAND!!  I couldn't be more excited and happy about this. T really has no clue! None.. He knows we are going, we have been talking about it, but he keeps telling me we are going to see Monster Trucks.. Not so much Kiddo.
John has a car show that he goes to every year in Cali, so I decided to lets just bang this last trip for us in that same weekend, which also happens to be my Spring Break!! Umm PERFECT!! 
So John is leaving Sat, with all of his club members. T and I have a B-day Party to hit up on Sat along with some last minute errands to run and then Sunday we are heading up to the Show - its about 5 hrs away. We plan to pick John up in Lake Perris and then head out to Anaheim which is about another hour. Monday we head to Disney Land!!  I simply just can not wait!!  This will be our last family trip as 3 and I definitely wanted it to be special!! What better way to do that, than by going to the "happiest place on earth?"
I plan to be the paparazzi with T, and take in every single moment with him!! 

Before this trip though, I have to get ready for my 2nd Practical for this Anatomy Class and its on all the muscles, I seriously want to give up sometimes, but I just keep pushing. I have to get a C or better on this Practical. Right now I am averaging a 75.6 in this class, UNACCEPTABLE to me!!  I also have an article that is due on Friday worth 50 points, so I'm hoping for some good grades to leave with. That would absolutely make my weekend!!

After this weekend though, we will be starting T's new room remodel. I'm pretty excited.  Some new paint, some Monster trucks, dirt bikes and a big boy bed!! Yep T is movin on up to a BIG BOYS Room!!  =)  Lots of work ahead for us, but well worth it. After that we start in n the Baby's Nursery!!
I never realized how much work goes into having two kids, and yet one is still baking, not even here yet!! Sheesh..

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