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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

*Is this thing on??!!*

Oiii, I think everything and I mean everything is literally or not so literally catching up to me in more ways than I would like..
School is kicking my butt, I am motivated to go, but its not the same motivation I once felt before I was pregnant. Now its just a motivation to get the Eff done and get out with whatever passing grade I can get.
Which before, I wouldn't have settled for less than a B. Now, I brought my standards down, way down. like C ish.. =/  Its passing right!!  Anyway- its extremely hard to focus with all the plans and things we have going on at our house, T's birthday party planning, Nursery preparations, finishing T's room, our house the outer part is getting painted finally, its just one long NEVER ending to do list and its slowly making progress of things getting marked off which is nice, but every time one thing gets marked off another thing is added. KILL ME!!
I only have 2 months left of school :can you see huge smile: I am thrilled with this, but wait then I have 5 weeks of more school which is Chemistry and then I AM DONE!!  I really thought I would have more motivation to get  done, but right now all I want to do is focus on getting our house done, take T to do things, like to the park, to the Zoo etc. Instead I have to plan around when my next test is, make sure I have him in bed by 8-830 so I can study. (that's his normal time anyway) but it sucks. I'm in a guilty phase of life right now, that i feel the need to spoil the living crap out of him before baby M comes and disturbs this thing we have going on. (not literally people) Spoil I mean, spend every second I can with him, doing fun things.

On another note: we made tons of progress this weekend with T's room as well as M's Nursery.  I'm excited to share some pics, but I have to make some "Me" time to do so and "me" time hardly exists, unless I'm peeing by myself, or lock myself in my room, which I end up having a follower ten seconds later.. So that doesn't work.  
I'm hoping I can get some uploaded tonight and possibly share. =) 

Can you believe I am halfway to the finish line, I feel like some days its taking forever, not that I need it to be rushed or anything, but then others I look at my belly and wonder where the hell it came from. "It grew so fast", I tell myself. I can only imagine what 30+ week is going to look like.. Oiii..

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