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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday Funday!!

I wrote this 2 weeks ago.. Sorry for the delay..

Sunday was such a fun day. Such an amazing weekend here in Az. 80's can I get a HECK YES!!  I wish it was like this everyday. I can take 80's!!

We had a Car show that we attended last weekend.  Nice weather means tons of outdoor activities including Car Shows. We attend this show every year, rain or shine and this year was nothing short of amazing weather!

T and I ventured out to meet up with Daddy since he was already there with his club members. They had some bouncy houses, I wish his b-day wasn't in July because its just so darn hot and we can't do those outside, that would be like an inferno trying to jump in there but my point is that T loves those.  Of course they had tons of vehicles as well as some food, drinks and the bud light I was watching everyone down and me standing there drooling over it. 5 more months 5 more months.. =)

Anyway - this is going to turn into more of a picture post than anything. So enjoy. I have been trying to get more of a feel for my camera and not let people get in my way of taking pics. Some people like to knock the picture takers, and I just need to learn to let go and have fun with it.

 HA.. I got more of the kids than I did of our vehicles. Oops. 
Some of these I edited, some of them are just straight from my camera.

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