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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Big Reveal

Since we have known since the 12 week scan. I will reveal earlier than March 9th. Reasons we were wanting to wait,  one because last time with T, we were told he was a she and it turned out BOY 3 weeks later, so I was pretty dispappionted. Not with having a Boy, because I wouldnt change it for anything now, but being able to relish in the fact that I was a having girl for 3 long weeks was great, I got used to it. I was COMFORTABLE. .
Then we went in again, and a penis flashed acrossed the screen. I cried. I'll be honest  I did.  Like i said though. NOW I wouldnt change it for the world! Second reason being, My Mom she loves going to the scans and of course likes to be the first to know. So I texted her yesterday on my way home and said are you sure you want to wait or so you want to know now? I thought for sure she would say wait, but curiosity killed the Cat and she wanted in!! So I texted her the pic.  She is super excited. This is going to make 11 Boys, 1 girl- 12 Grand Children, and she has one Great Grandchild due in October.  Wheww. she's a busy Grandma
So onto this reveal. 

We are having a 
and it is 100% confirmed.
Yesterday I went in for my normal check up. This baby is a mover for sure. So when the Dr. tried to listen to his heart, he wasn't having it. She could see the BpM but couldnt hear it. BPM was 176(really high Huh?)
So I had slyly said op I guess i need an U/S.. hee hee.So they got me in and first thing the tech asked was if I wanted a sneak peek, UM YES!!!
She got one!!  Its all boy, no denying this guy his goods  =P
His name will be MICAH CHRISTIAN    - We have liked Micah since before T was born and said if we ever had another boy it would be Micah.  Christian is after John.  I love the name Christian and it fits perfectly. =)  I do have some reservations about the name, only because of how popular it has become. Every where we go all I hear is Micah.. I don't want our kid to have the same name as 5-10 people in his class, like I did, like John did. 
John is pretty set on Micah. and I am too. Kinda.

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Momma Wilson said...

Yay for another baby boy and an awesome name!