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Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy Weekend

Wow, what a crazy busy weekend we had, and to be honest I feel like we didn't get anything done or really do anything.

Sat. We had about 5 birthday parties we were invited to. Yea that wasn't about to happen. So I chose to only go to two and unfortunately only made it to one.  It was super windy and rainy here this weekend. So being outside and running around with T is not my thing. 

My Nephew and his cousin turned ONE this weekend. They are 3 days apart. So neat!!
So since I'm working on my photography skills, I brought my nifty camera and started shooting away!
I got some really great shots.  So here is a few pics I took and edited myself.. I'm still a beginner so don't get to crazy with the criticism.
Uriah is my Nephew - Turned One Feb 16..

My Cutie patootie chompin on Cup Cakes

Pink Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

Uriah and I

Birthday Boy and Girl.

Emmie Tuned One on Feb 19th

My Sister and Uriah

Sunday-  I was busy studying for  Exam #2 that's on Tues.   Hopefully I can rock this exam and breathe easy for another week or so, because after this exam its Practical #2 and we all know how I did on Practical #1..
If you don't - I did HORRIBLE!!  =( 

Anyway - I had a great weekend, I do wish we could slow down some and do stuff around our house and do things together. Right now its just hectic.. We will get there. =)

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