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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Refusal to Wear Maternity Jeans

Seriously- I don't know what to do. I know I can't possibly squeeze my ass let alone my belly into my jeans any longer, I have become that girl who lays on the bed to button my pants and while getting up prays that the button doesn't pop off. I put on my first pair of maternity jeans the other day and I hate them. I am 14 weeks and with T I was 18-19 weeks if I remember correctly.  I found some really awesome jeans to wear and they fit so great. They were from GAP and now GAP no longer sells "those" jeans. =( 
So I browsed Old Navy in hopes of finding something similar, I did kinda. Except the Jeans I got form GAP were Demi paneled and these are just elastic waist band low rise. Which I like, but what I don't like is, the fact that they are practically spandex, they fit perfect for about 20 minutes and as soon as you think they look good, they are falling off. Saggy ass and everything.  I don't have the belly to hold them up just yet so I'm sure this is the problem. I just can't take it. I hate Maternity Jeans. Well for now anyway. Talk to me in a few months when I'm huge and those will become my best friend. Right now though they are my arch nemesis. Maybe I just need a smaller size, but the jeans I bought are my pre-pregnancy size, I didn't go up.
This sucks, I realize I'm at this in between phase in my pregnancy, where nothing fits, and when it does I just look like I have major muffin top or major bloating.  I'm hoping something gives here soon, and hopefully my poor buckle jeans will allow my ass and belly to fill the space for a little longer with out bursting at the seams. =(
I have a bella band, that I am wearing today with my buckle jeans just in case I need to un button and to help with the flattening of muffin top.  We will see how long this lasts for me.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?  Ideas? Remedies? 


Jaye said...

Have you tried Motherhood? I tried their jeans (full panel) on and found them to be really comfortable. Fitted throughout the leg so they didn't sag.
My first pair of maternity jeans I actually got at 11 weeks at JCPenny. I still wear them and love them. They don't sag in weird places, and look just like regular jeans.

Amber and Brian said...

I have a pair of Old Navy low rise maternity jeans (that I'm still wearing by the way. I REFUSE to buy a bigger size!) and I thought they were okay. You're right they do stretch out easily. I think I just didn't like the low rise panel. I preferred the full panel. I didn't like how my belly just hung over (and still hangs over!) the low rise ones. The full panels smooth out the belly and make it look rounder. :)