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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A post about Little Man.

Since all I have been blogging about lately is pregnancy and Cheez it.
Little Man, better known as T, Little T, Munchkin, Mommas boy. He is doing great. I think I love him more and more as each day passes. Although I  love him ALOT, but my love for him just continues to grow.
T is 31 months old as of yesterday or 2 1/2 for those that don't go by months. He's going to be 3 in 5 short months. I can't even believe he has been with us for this long and hes the most lovable, kick back, huggable little boy. I'm just glad I haven't ruined him yet.. =P  Now he does drive me insane sometimes and I wonder when this phase will pass only to go onto a new phase and wonder holy shit when is this phase going to pass??  Nonetheless we pass each phase and we come out kickin, so I think we are good.

T is a talking monster. He says things that just amaze me and learns new things that i underestimate him with. Things I didn't know he could know by now. He's very smart and charming but he also has a very stubborn side.
He loves, I mean loves trucks.tractors.dirt bikes.sand rails.daddysbigtruck.Mommy's isn't as cool,he told me. Now if I could just get him to love the potty chair and go in it, that would be amazing!!  Slowly but surely. I am hoping to have him potty trained by the time Cheez it comes. I had wanted to start in Jan but held back. one because of everything that was going on within our lives at home, work and school starting- YEA no way was the potty training going to happen. So then I said Feb. I can do Feb. Ehh no go. So I'm shooting for April. I am hoping for a bit of a slower month in April, it will be nice out to where I could probably do the naked thing outside.  any suggestions??

T is not a morning person, he likes to snuggle with us in the morning when he wakes and drinks his OJ. Once he wakes fully then its time to play. This has to be one of my most favorite moments with him. I love laying in bed with him - he snuggles right up against my chest or right under my neck and just lays there. I will tickle his neck and he will giggle a little and close his little eyes again and drift off.  In the mornings if i have to leave early -if he's up by then he tells me "Mommy lay down!" MAN do I wish I could.

After daycare on the days I pick him up. I get the MOMMMYYYY, Love that!! What mother doesn't? Then he proceeds to tell me about his day, half I understand, half I don't and pretend I do.  I love this time to, because its just me and him and I take him to the park or let him play out back. Because when daddy comes home, Forget Mommy!! Literally.  He is all about Daddy right now. Daddy takes him outside as well but into the Garage!! Where his dirt bike is, and where boys do boy things.

The last 31 months have been amazing with T. He is my love muffin and I absolutely could not picture my life without his smile or the things he says while we are out that embarrass me. I love all those moments.
We told Tristan that he was going to have a brother or sister and asked him whichh one he wanted - he said SISTER!!  Lets hope he's right, because I would love a little girl. I do go back and forth though. I think two boys would be absolutely perfect!  I see myself with two boys. Still longing for that little girl though.

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