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Friday, February 11, 2011

iPhone or Droid???

Which one would you get?
  Our upgrade is coming up here at work and we get to pick new phones, with all this hype about the IPhone I'm kinda wanting one. But Really is it all that and a bag of chips?? At one point the Droid was better than a bag of chips. So I'm kinda of confused as to what to get. I don't want to make the bad decision and get a piece of shit phone like I currently own.  Ah heemm Blackberry Storm. I hate this phone more than I hate fish!  (all this food talk is making me hungry)  Anyway-
So I'm really undecided, I'm in the Verizon network. So the up side to the IPhone is that it would be in a 4G network, Droid would be in the 3G network (same as crusty old POS phone I have now).
My dilemma is, is do I really need the IPhone? With all the apps and capabilities, I just don't know if I would use it to its full extent.. I would like to have it just to say I have it, but then Why if I'm not going to "use" it then why waste the money? 
So I need help in deciding.. People who have Droids, I would appreciate you leaving a comment and telling me why and why not to get it.  and to people who currently have the IPhone either through AT&T or Verizon, please tell me Why and Why not I should have this phone?  I would really appreciate it.  =)
Also, I plan on possibly working from home part time after baby #2 comes, its in the works so I need a phone that could hold up for personal and business.


Ann Armenta said...

I've been meaning to message you about this. I had the Droid and now have the iPhone4. Personally, I am LOVING the new iPhone. Haven't dropped a call yet. And yes it has some cool features but it's not like its this out of the world phone that is so techy you can't use it. I had an upgrade too and only paid $150 for a 16g. Not frickin' bad considering I paid more when I got the Storm (sucked!). They traded my storm for a Droid last May when I had brought it in for its 4th and FINAL send out. At first I loved the Droid but after about 6 months it pooped out on me too. I sent it in once and probably should've sent it in again but I was lazy. It CONSTANTLY froze on me. Then I would need to reboot it and it'd freeze for an additional 15 min before resuming function. Sorry I can't have that. What if I have a patient I need to check on? Or if a client is trying to book a session...theres a potential for loss of sale with that and I wasn't having it.

The only things I'm not liking with the iPhone are that I have to download my MP3's through iTunes which costs money. With the droid it was free. Also I had this nifty car dock that iPhone doesn't least yet. So my biggest complaints are really not a big deal at all.

My advice: Stand in line and get the iPhone girly!!

PS-The camera feature, and facetime app is AWESOME!!

Jaye said...

Neither! :)

I have a Palm and LOVE it. The interface awesome.

I've never been a fan of the Droids or iPhones. Just way to techie for me. I also only use my phone for calling/texting/web browsing, so having a million apps just wouldn't do me any good.

I'm a go against the grain type of girl and LOVE my Palm.

Lisa said...

iphone....hands down. I feel like all the other phones are jsut trying to compare to the iphone, but none come close. Had mine 3 years now and cant imagine life without it!

Jamie said...

My H has the droid and he is always complaining about it. He is really not happy with it and wants to go back to BlackBerry.