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Monday, February 28, 2011

I feel Relief and Accomplishment *Updated with Pics

and I am so happy about this.. Its like things are finally getting marked off our never ending TO DO list around our house.
This weekend the guys came over and finished up putting the under boards under the awnings, as well as putting wood up under neath our porch and my husband and his friend filled the insides full of cellulose for insulation. I can't wait to be able to have people over to show it off. We have to get our grass green again first though(husband is working on that)  Its pretty nifty looking. We still have to stain it and seal it.
We also wired the porch for some fans during the summer. Put up our new light fixtures and the new fans we purchased this weekend.  I will take pics and post.
The outside is pretty much complete. We are waiting on our final check from the ins. company to go ahead with the paint and that will put the final touches on the outside. After that we have to  start saving up again for llandscaping (told you it was never ending)

I also decided to get crazy and re touch up our walls that John had patched and repaired some holes form like two months ago.  Our walls looked horrible where I had my pictures hung, as well as our guest bathroom. Our Mirror fell out of the wall in the bathroom, we knew this would happen eventually because where I wanted it placed was not within a stud. That only took about 3 years for it to fall out and leave a gaping hole, Our towel rack had fallen out to, i think someone honestly used it as leverage while getting into or out of the shower, not mentioning any names.
So I couldn't take it anymore and decided to just tackle it- although I despise painting. How can you blame me after painting and putting my sweat and tears into that place I never wanted to paint again. But I couldn't just leave it with half white walls and half colored.  The finished product is.. I have my wall back to normal and my bathroom, back up and looking like normal, minus the mirror and towel holder. Those will have to be installed this weekend and I have to find a new mirror.
I also, decided to repaint my baseboards, okay SOME of the baseboards, okay well like the front entry the walkway and some of the hallway.  That shit is hard to do, time consuming and huge PAIN In the ass. As soon as I started I thought to myself. FUCK!!! Why did I do this!!  :bangs head on wall:  Oh well, they do look 10 times better than before so I'm happy with that,  I'm going to try and tackle more this weekend, before I get to big and can't.
Needless to say, we had a great weekend of doing house projects!! YAY us.. Now onto the 50 other things we need to accomplish before baby comes.

Ohhh and I also got to work on my Photog Skills - I was able to take some Pics of one of our friends Baby. He is absolutely adorable and I got some great shots.
I have those pics so I will post a few of them.

Please do not use these pictures for your use before asking permission. I own the rights to these pictures.
Thank you

Anyone want to let me know how to do a watermark image?  I can't figure it out for the life of me.


Ann Armenta said...

Just paste your logo or watermark ontop of it in photoshop...message me if you have any questions.

Jenni said...

hmm Okay I will have to try that..
What did you do, just make a logo save it and the every picture you paste it to the pictures your doing?