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Friday, January 21, 2011

What a WeEk!!!

Let me just start off by saying this week has royally sucked balls. Starting with Monday night and hasn't ended yet- its Friday 3pm and still I would like to throat punch quite a few people around me!!

First off lets start with my chi chi- Sox.  He's my baby, I have had him since he was a little bitty puppy and he's just the most adorable annoying little dog ever!!  So the past 3-4 weeks he's been hacking I took him to the vet and they took xrays (can't be good). Well he has an enlarged heart along with a hurt murmur which is causing the hack, which is pretty normal in smaller dogs!! Awesome right!  Sox is 10 will be 11 this year.  The vet said its really no biggie - he gave us meds and sent us on our way. Bring me to Monday night-While I'm laying in bed I hear sox making the most awful of hacks and I look over at him and the poor thing is having a hard time breathing in between hacks.. so I get down and see if he's ok, talk to him etc.  I watched him for about 15-20 min and his breathing was not returning to normal, I could feel his heart beating so fast!! So I hurried and grabbed Sox's blanket and told John to find an emergency vet.  I found one. I headed there and the entire time I just kept telling sox, please don't die on me please please please..  He didn't thankfully- We got to the E-vet and they took him back right away.
Next thing I know I have a huge estimate slammed in my face and a Vet telling me what all could be wrong with sox. $1500 estimate!!  Oiiiii..  Look I love my dog and I have spent 1500 + on my Dog before, actually it was Sox that I had to spend that money on but, I just don't have that kind of money to shell out.  So I told the Vet look we already know he has a heart condition, take xrays, give him the shot he needs and put him in oxygen.  She did but kept pushing that he should stay the night- I don't want him to stay there. and I definitely don't want him there if he's going to die on me. I want him home with us. I told her basically to get him stable and I was taking him home.
4 am and 6 hrs  later I am on my way home- By the way did I mention I was to start school that morning?? Oh yes, I was supposed to start and I had no idea how this was going to happen, Oh and did I also mention that at midnight I get a text from my husband telling me that T has a fever!!  FUCKING AWESOME!!! 
Now can you see what a week I have been dealing with.. oiiii

To make a long story short.. Sox is fine. I took him to our regular vet and he said he was really happy that I didn't allow the E-vets to run all the tests and crap they had wanted to, there was absolutely no need to!! YAY Me.  They upped his meds and put him on another one to help with his heart murmur/pumping action. today he is back to his self, being mean and bossy!! Perfect.

So I basically got 2-3 hrs of sleep - went to school all day, came home - took sox back to vet, went and grabbed T who luckily was feeling better and John was able to break his fever. Lets just say, our bedtime that night was extremely Early! I slept like a rock and it was amazing!!

Then I come to work and have to deal with my wonderful most awesome family!!  (I am being purely sarcastic here)  this is why I go to school so I can get the fuck out of dodge.  Working with family has its perks, believe me I'm going to miss them when I get a grown up job, but seriously I can't take this anymore.
I want to throat punch one person in particular..  I wont go into anymore detail, because who knows who reads this.. and I really shouldn't care, but I need this job for the time being..  I would like to kill myself every day that I am here.  Its that bad, that dysfunctional, that fucked up!!! 

So that has been my awesome week!!  Please say a prayer that I don't go absolutely insane. I can not wait to get out of here and start my weekend..


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