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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some Goal Updates

I havent updated my goals in a while, I keep a tally of them by writing them on this sticky note thing I have in purse, which is funny because I pull it out as I'm waiting at stoplights, or the bank drive thru. Something about driving sparks me to remember my goals and what I have and have not done.
So with out furtur adue. 

3. Lose 20lbs  Completed 12/10-  I had lost between 12-15lbs.  Not exactly my goal weight. now that I'm preggers I can no longer lose but I am only up 2lbs from that.  =)

11. Learn to edit my photos: I have been working on this. Since I got my new camera I have more of a drive to really sit down and edit my photos with what I have available to me. I really need a new computer with some updated programs, but I make do.

19. Stop Birth Control December 2010:  These two go hand and hand. I stopped BC in Nov. One month earlier, so I could begin a regular cycle before actually trying. Unfortunately we didn't even get the opportunity to "really" try.. So I am now prego. Which I am ecstatic about, but was not expecting until December/ Jan.

20. Start trying for 2nd baby 12/2010:  Completed  11/10

34. Buy a new camera preferably a Canon SLR:  Completed 12/10   My Husband is pretty awesome, for Christmas I received a Nikon DSLR. Even better than the Canon.  Which I love. I know its a more of a beginners camera but that's all I really need for right now.  I can't wait to get into taking pics and having fun with them with editing.

48. Celebrate Christmas in a different state    Completed -  12/2010

67. take Tristan to see Snow- Scheduled for 12/10

69. Take Tristan to CO to see his Godfather - Scheduled for 12/10

All 3 of these are completed.  We went to Colorado for Christmas, We saw T's God Father and T was able to experience snow for the first time. He had a love hate relationship with it.

87. Purchase 2 new/used children’s books for 6 months for T- (12/12) Completed 12/2010
Santa purchased T about 5 books for Christmas. Including Where the Wild things are,  Elmo's Potty Trying, Dr. Seuss's Are you my Mother, The ABC book and he also received  Curious George from one of his buddies at Day care. 

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