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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Camera Strap

When I received my new camera from my husband, all I could think about is how much I hated our other camera's strap and that I have seen some really cute ones that other people had, but where were they getting these straps.. I looked at target, Wal mart, the mall and came up with nothing. So I tried Amazon. com and they had some, but something made me remember they have to have something... so I  ventured over to and to my surprise, people make these amazing cute things for cameras.  I have to say I was in heaven with all these straps to choose from.. Did I want funky, did I want elegant, did I want my name, what did I want? It was pretty hard to choose, all the designs were so cute and something I could see myself wearing, so choosing just one was hard.

Then I found this one.

(I took these photos from the etsy seller)

I love this design and fell in love with it when I saw it.. Its pretty amazing in person.
I received this strap yesterday in the mail and could not wait to get home so I could put it on my camera, and you bet your ass that's exactly what I did.  Seriously in LOVE!!!

This strap is amazing, its so soft and so not like the generic give your neck a rash one that comes in the box.

So I would recommend if you have a new camera or old, and you need a strap go here -Made by Meegz is who made my strap.  The shipping was super fast and I freakin love my strap (just thought I would let you know that again) . I think I might go buy more..  

**  By the way- I was not paid to do this, I willingly went and bought this strap myself, I was also not asked to put this on my blog, I did it to help others out and give my opinion on a great product!!  =) 

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