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Friday, January 14, 2011

New Zodiac Sign? What's your's??

Honestly!!!  I don't believe this. They can't just up and change our zodiac signs. I don't know many people who talk about there zodiacs.
Go here to read if you would like more info on your new sign.   I for one used to be really intrigued by my zodiac, still am.
I am whole heartily a Scorpio. I was born on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio.  I have "some" traits that qualify me for a Libra, but in all honesty I am very truly a Scorpio.  Did I mention my husband is a Scorpio. A very very strong Scorpio. Ask me how that happened, because really I have no idea!!  We bonk heads all the time, but in times we need each other we are there standing strong and united!!  My friends, are Libra's, taurus' and Capricorns. I rarely have had another friend with the same sign as me, and if I have well we aren't friends any longer.   Believe me I don't make my Friends based off of this, but its interesting to find out what your friends b-days are and see if your truly compatible and the reasons you aren't.  I know when I'm compatible with someone from the moment I meet them.   Its an instant connection with some and not so with others.  I think this goes for everyone.
My Son, he is a Cancer, and by far the most adorable, lovable huggable Cancer ever. Our next baby will be a Leo. So our household should be very interesting. Leo's along with Scorpios are extremely stubborn and strong minded.  Our Cancer baby, mixes great with us. The Leo though, I'm sure is going to be an eye opener.   If I thought John and I bonked heads all the time, I'm in for it when baby # 2 comes. 

I think this entire changing of zodiac signs and adding another one to the list is a crock!!!  Yea did you know they added a new sign to the list!!  So if you were born from: November 29 to December 17 you are now a Ophiuchus.  

Your also screwed if you decided to be that person who went out and got a tattoo with your Zodiac on your body.  Ah heeeemmmm like me!!  Yes I have my zodiac sign on me.  I have the 'M' for Scorpio.  Luckily I never got the actual scorpion.   My tattoo its visible, Its an ankle tat. the M is on the back. 
Guess tattoo parlors are going to have a hay day with this one!! 
So if this is the case, my new Zodiac sign makes me a Virgo. I have ZERO traits of a Virgo and that makes T a Gemini. ummm No way!!  I'm sorry I just can't wrap my head around this. And haha the next baby would be a Cancer.. That is just weird!! 


Jaye said...

Well the good thing is, the Virgo sign is also a version of an M - so you're pretty good to go on that ;) How do i know? Well all I need to do is look down at my Virgo tattoo! lol

Which apparently isn't valid anymore! Stupid zodiac.

Jenni said...

LOL Jaye.. This is true and good thing..
and sucks for you..

This is so dumb.. dumb dumb..