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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My House

My house is becoming a construction zone. Literally!  
They start work on it today and I'm kinda having an anxiety attack just thinking about it-  I used to love having our house be remodeled. but that was before I had a kid and one on the way and have become somewhat obsessive compulsive to some point that things that become out of ordered makes me feel the need to clean and makes me feel out of sorts.
Luckily everything that is happening, is happening on the outside of our house which is great, but its still happening..

Arizona had a pretty bad storm a few months back, so my husband and I took advantage of that and contacted our Ins. company to pay for the damages.  Well they came out and did there estimates and came back with about 10K in damages including our Shed, A/C panels and a few other things.
So we have a friend that is a contractor that will be doing all of this for us, except we asked for our garage door, and new paint to be replaced along with our Roof.

The garage door goes in today, No biggie. but the entire process is starting and that's what has me in a rant.. I have school starting next week as well. The roof is next week, then paint.
We also been saving up to have our front yard landscaped finally.  So all 4 of these things will be taken care of hopefully by the beginning of Feb.  To me its a lot all at once!!

On the other hand I am super excited!  We remodeled the entire inside of this house. I'm sure it needs some new paint again..(I'm working on that). We have put blood, sweat and tears literally into remodeling this house.
The outside now needs some TLC.  I can't wait to see the new roof color we chose, as well as the updated paint colors, and a brand new garage door that rolls up and doesn't swing open and also doesn't sound like its about to break off the springs every time you open it.

I will take before pics, and after pics as we go through this process and post them. I'm hoping for a pretty big adjustment..

Wish me luck I don't go insane during this process either, because the next project is our Master bedroom, pulling up carpet- laying down wood laminate and painting with new bedding ( i decided that just this week) I hate our room, its so drab and bleh.
then its transferring T to his new room and making his old room the nursery with painting and all that fun stuff.
Oh lord!!!! 

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