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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Day and Great Ultrasound

I had my 2nd Ultrasound this morning. It was a NT scan of the baby- I more so, get this u/s for the mere reason of being able to see our babe in 3D and in 4D real time. Its so fun to see whats going on in there. I also like the peace of mind of making sure everything is ok, genetically that is. Even if something did come back wrong we would be prepared for it when the baby was born.
Anyway-  I love ultrasounds, if you have ever had one you will know why and what I'm talking about. The mere excitement of seeing the baby wiggling all around melts my heart! Makes life come into full perspective and makes me feel like what I am doing is truly a blessing. =) As stressed out as I may get!

Our NT scan went perfectly, they measured the back of baby's neck for the fluid, the more fluid their is the worse off you are for probability, The baby had 1.3 within normal range and that is 0-3. Anything above is a sign of something wrong.  Could be minor could be major.
The baby has two hands, two of the cutest little feet and toes, a happy healthy heart and the cutest little button nose.
I did ask the Dr. about a heart murmur.  When T was born our Pedia diagnosed him with having a heart murmur, we had to take him to a cardiologist a week after he was born and that had to be the most stressful time of my life. I never expected that to happen and scared the living shit out of me!
He ended up being diagnosed with a "innocent" heart murmur and was released. Thank God!!
So just for precaution I asked if they were able to see anything. The Dr. basically told me the baby's heart looks great, but at our next U/S they will do another anatomy scan and do a full scan of the baby's heart. As the baby grows the heart grows and that's when they will start to notice if there is a problem. but as far as today and his views, the baby looks amazing. Very healthy, growing right on schedule and the heart is beating like crazy!!  GREAT NEWS!!!

Our tech also made a pretty well informed hunch about the baby's gender! John and I decided to keep it mum until we find out for sure at our next u/s which will be in March right around our Anniversary. 

Onto the best part- Pictures!!

I absolutely am in LOVE with this baby!!  I can not wait to meet him/her in august!!  All the stress, all the issues I am having with work, money and whatever else are no longer a worry when i see this baby!!  This baby will be loved and spoiled just like T is and was!!  =)

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