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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shopping for Baby #2.. Ohhh Yeaa...

I love shopping, and if you thought I loved shopping for myself you would be mistaken..  errr  well kinda mistaken..
I love shopping for baby items.  I don't even care if its not for my baby.  I love babiesrus. Who ever invented that place is like GOD.. I could shop all day there. Baby stuff intrigues me, every single stroller, car seat, sling, moby wrap, gizmo and gadget - It intrigues this brain of mine!!

So with baby # 2 on the way I have been making a list of things we are going to need.

I have most of all the big list items
*Pack n play
so on and so on.

but these items I would like to get new of.  1st because its a new baby and I feel every baby should be celebrated and 2nd because uhhh hello NEw Babyand they need NEW things..Capesh!!

So here are a few of my favorite things. 

**Car seats**

I love Graco- We had a Graco with Tristan and even since then they have modified their car seat and I'm loving them.  I also like the Chicco Car seat- Lemonata Color.

Now I have 3 strollers, well technically I have 4.  I have the snap n go from Graco that I will mostly use when the baby is little. That thing was the best thing I ever bought!
Then I have Tristan's Graco Travel stroller, which is still in somewhat good condition. Then I have the Lightweight Chicco, and we were just given a Jogging Stroller (can you see my husband cringing with delight?)  heehee. 
So my debacle with getting another stroller is - Do I??  Or at least right now?  Because T will be 3 when baby is born. Will he even sit in the dang stroller or be to big at that point to push around?  I have gone back and forth with this and I still can't make up this crazy mind.
I  like the sit n stands because even though he will be three I still (feel that I) want something or somewhere I can restrain him and he can rest.
I like this Mia Moda but, it didn't get the best reviews.

I like this Sit n Stand, because its an actual duo stroller but can be converted to a sit n stand.

I like this Zooper Stroller as well,but I can't seem to get past wanting to have a sit n stand for Tristan.

We decided that we will keep T in his grow with me bed, that's what we purchased it for and that's what we will keep it as.  We are going to keep it as a toddler bed until he's about 3-4. then we will purchase an actual double mattress and do the conversian to  the BIG bed.

So with #2. That gives me some lee way to get something different and have my way with the themes.

Here are two cribs I like and have shown the hubs. He seems to like but I'm sure when it comes to time to actually go get it, he will suddenly have an opinion.. Oiii vey.
Moving on..

So far I have this one for a Boy - Also a 4 n 1 Grow with baby

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one for a Girl.  Pretty bummed I won't ever get to use it because I just know this one is a boy.. Also a 4 n 1

This is what I have so far. Not to much and basically what I need to get started.
I plan on switching up my bottles to the wide neck ones but sticking with Dr. Browns. Seriously best bottle EVER invented. I plan on Nursing and Pumping for at least 6 months.  
I have gone back and forth with cloth diapering and I am still considering it.  I really wish i would have when T was little, but now I feel like I would be overwhelmed having 2 kids and just now trying to go down that road (probably a horrible excuse- I know the environment is hating me right now)  but before you jump down my throat.. I haven't thrown it out the door.  My daycare provider is all for it, she has 2 others that do it and is totally ok with it. So that helps. I just have to get the husband on board.  We will see. Still playing that by ear.

so thats that for the baby finds so far.  I'm sure in 2011 Graco and Chicco and all the fabulous babylines will come out with some better, and cuter lines and i will check those out.
Until then... Grow baby grow!!!

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