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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What do you call "it"

I'm searching for a cute thing to call my "it" that is happily (and hopefully growing) in my bellay..
So I asked a few friends what they thought.. 
Also here is some back ground to some of these. 
When I found out about T these awesome friends of mine started calling him Turkey.. If you still don't understand. My Name is Jenni..  as in Jenni-O Turkey.   Get it!!  (knee cracking funny)  Kidding.
anyway- So T was stuck with Turkey.. Not a lot of people understood why I called him I stopped explaining after about the 15th time.
So now I'm looking for something fun to call my "it". Until we find out of course what "it' is. Make sense?

So here are the names. 

Peanut (this one  I was already using and I think everyone uses this)
Turkette (in hopes of having a girl)
I also thought about "Cheez it"  (because this is all I have been eating to help with Nausea)

So what do you guys think??   Take the poll.  I will put it up for about a week and see what kinda response I get. 
Happy Picking (It better be good)  Kidding kidding.. =)

1 comment:

Paula said...

I vote for pumpkin - super cute and thats what I call my nephew.