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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Having a baby changes everything!!

and in our case- its about to make our house grow by two feet!!

AUGUST 7, 2011

YEP!!  I am pregnant!!  So I realize we were supposed to start trying in December but, I decided to go off my BC in November because people have said that it could take up to 3 months to a year to conceive and well really I was thinking I could have one regular cycle before actually trying. Apparently that did not happen!

I tested on Nov 27 and the only reason why I tested was because on Thanksgiving and the day before I was Extremely irritable and on edge. Beyond what happens when my period comes, not to mention really weepy. So I knew something was up.  For whatever other reason I just woke up on Sat and a thought just came to my head like, maybe I should just test.  So I did.. it was later in the afternoon when I did and the line came up very faint.. So I was kind of caught off guard and thought hmm.. maybe its just a bad test and its the afternoon. so I held on to the test and waited till the morning pee. I went and waited and within a minute a pink line clearly came through..  Oiiiiiii vey...  
So that is that.. 

I AM PREGNANT!!  =)   As I sit and type this I am only 4 weeks and things are still really early.  I'm trying to keep an open mind and still think to myself that its possible that my period is going to come this weekend. I hope to god it doesn't but I will except whatever I'm dealt..

John went out of town for T-day - so i waited till he got home on Sunday to tell him. 
I bought a pack of Newborn diapers and wrote on one of the diapers, Get Ready for These Again.  I put my positive test within the diaper and put it in a giftbag.
When he got home he saw it sitting on the dresser and asked what it was, I said to open it and as soon as he unraveled and read it. He just looked at me with a big grin said, "REALLY?, already? I thought we were going to start trying in December?"  Uh, apparently babe you have super nova sperm and yea well it couldn't wait until December!!  hahah So needless to say  he was shocked and happy!!

**~ Tiny little edit to this**~
We moved my first appt to Dec 29th- 1 because I'm impatient and 2 because, well 10 weeks is just way to long to find out if everything is ok. and well I'm impatient. What can I say!!

I made my first appt and its for Jan 3rd.  I think its so ironic and brings back a flood of memories because on Jan 3rd 2008 I went in for T's NT scan.  3 years later I'm going in for my first u/s of our new little one and I couldn't be more ecstatic.


Ann Armenta said...

YAY!!! I had a "feeling" you were preggo!! SO EXCITED for you guys :) Congrats!

Amber and Brian said...

CONGRATS!! So happy for you!