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Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!

How was your Thanksgiving??

Ours was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! 
We had such a great day..  I made breakfast for the 3 of us, we did some cleaning and lounging around our house and John got ready to go to the Dunes.  We were all supposed to go to the dunes this year again but gahh I can't even begin to explain how many things were going wrong. Left and right!!  So I called off T and I going. John decided he couldn't stay away, so he went fri-sun. 

We went to my brother in laws brothers house, which he hosts pretty much every year and he loves it. I love it!  The yummiest Turkey, the best Ham and this year a Clam Bake!! Oh Yes!!  Did I try it? Hell no.. but I have to admit it smelled kinda good.

We stuffed ourselves with everything imaginable, and then some.. including dessert!!
After being there for awhile, T started in on his meltdown and I knew it was time to go. So we packed up and left. We got 2 turns out of the neighborhood and he was out.
We let him sleep for awhile when we got home.  He ended up waking up at about 630-7  and stood at his doorway crying (not normal) I started walking towards him and Blehhhh.. Yay he started throwing up all over. like continuous.. of course that scared him, and he started crying.. I felt so bad, I hate seeing him sick.
I'm not sure what happened, but afterwards he felt somewhat better. 
In the meantime, I was going to go meet my sister to go stand in line at Toysrus, (yes I'm one of those crazies). So John was on T duty..

My sister and I got to Toysrus at 9 ish and holy moly- the line was wrapped around the building and then some. it was freezing but, we are nits and we had a mission so we waited and waited and finally at 1130 we finally got to the front doors and were let in!  We found everything we went for except one or two things.
I walked out paying 60.  My bill was 120. but I had a GC for them for about $50 and then the $10 card you can use if spend over $100. Oh yea.. I made a killing. I pretty much got xmas stuff and stuff for T's 3rd b-day!! 
I got home at about 230am. and John said that T had thrown up again at abt 1130. Poor guy. I figured I would take him to the Pedia on fri.. but when he woke up Friday morning at 8 (yes he slept in and I was a happy camper) he was perfectly fine.  He said he was hungry and wanted juice. So I gave him a limited amount and he was pissed and insulted so I gave him more, and he was fine. Soo I decided to carry on with my plans of more shopping!  T did awesome!!  Even took a nap while I shopped.. Finished up some people on my Christmas list.

Thanksgiving was pretty fun, relaxing, and well exhausting as well.  I love our long weekends and I love when the holidays come around!!

and I suck, I didn't get any pics but, maybe 2 or 3..  Lame I know!! =(

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