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Friday, November 5, 2010

Some fresh ideas.

Not sure if you remember this post if not, let me remind you.. We are getting ready to start for baby #2, with that we are wanting to change T's room to the other room we used to have as an office.
Sooo..  We decided to keep his crib, and use it for what we intended. Which is turning it into the Full size bed. (Although I'm still contemplating keeping it as a toddler day bed) just until he's about 3-4??? too old, too young??
We are also still a go with doing another mural in his room. Clean slate yet again. We are going to do Monster Trucks, Motorcycles and the Dunes.  I'm going more for a Cartooney theme more than anything.
Here is a few pictures I found off the web.
I can't remember where I found this one.

These two pictures were found here

This is what I'm going for. I really like the Cartoonish look of this mural. T is growing up so fast. I really want to keep him a little boy for as long as possible. I don't want to give him a big "kid" room just yet.
(call me selfish) 

Now we have to decide on furniture as far as what goes and what stays.  We have 2 very open walls to work with. The other is a closet wall and the other is the window wall.
My idea was to back his bed up against the back wall, take the taller of the two dressers we have and put it against the opposite wall. 
Then I was standing in there "imagining" everything this little boy has and clearly he has no storage. I have one of those cubicle organizer things, Yea its filled to capacity with cars, motorcycles, books, blocks, you name it. AND its white. Totally non matching but Target didn't have black. So then I went to my Friends house and I saw these.
She has a set of two, but I would want just one.
I think these would be perfect in his room.I realize they are Black/Brown but they are dark enough to were I don't think you could tell a difference. (o well if you can)  Keep reading

Look at these.. Yea. Awesome idea Ikea.. Thank you, love you!!
These my friends are inserts that go into the bookcase  you see above. They screw in, they don't just get put in like a fabric bin, you can't remove them unless you unscrew them. Perfect spaces for things you want to hide. YESSSS!!!!

and these are brilliant, because the top 2 cubbies I can use these to store his clothes in, socks etc..
They are actually sliding drawers.. Hello Score Again!! 
You can obviously still use the fabric bins or any bins you want. to mix it up more.
When I saw these sitting in her living room, my mind started to go into overdrive. I have put alot of thought into this. The hubs and I, Yea you can bet your ass we will be making a wonderful trip to IKEA!! 
Oh and I'm sorry did I say how inexpensive this entire thing is.
The cubby/bookshelf is $70
the inserts range from $20-35 a piece- those are kinda pricey
I'm thinking I want a 2nd set for Baby #2's room, but because I'm unsure of what color we are going to do for furniture I probably shouldn't jump the gun.
I was going to set this on the same wall as his dresser. This leaves a pretty open space in the middle for playing.
 I'm still unsure on how I want to set up the furniture until I get it in there.
I want to make sure you will be able to see his murals, but not super crammed. Work in progress!! 
I do have a question though. The closet has no doors on it. When we were remodeling and decided to make that room our office, the closet doors that were on their were old and yuck  so we trashed them and we also opened up that space a bit lengthwise. Then when we had John's cousin living here, we bought those homemade closet organizers you can get from Home Depot. The boys installed that, it looks nice but, what should I do about doors?
Should I just leave it open and do a Curtain? or
Put the Wood sliding doors back on that match the rest of the doors through out our house?
For bedding i was just going to stick with solid colors, Navy Blues, Greens, Blacks, Red etc. Since there's alot going on as it is, I was sticking to simple, but i also saw some cute fabric with skulls and cross bones on it, not scary, but cartooney looking. 
Man I hate decisions.. 
So far those are my ideas for T's room. Now getting them implemented, HA that's a different story. 

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