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Friday, November 5, 2010

HEY You!!! Ya you!!

The ones that read this blog but don't ever leave comments. I'm talkin to you.. Or maybe its really only me who logs on here all the time.
Either way.. I would love to see who is (if anyone) is reading my blog?? Come out come out wherever you are?  

Please.. =)


Ann and Chris Armenta said...

You know I'm here :) I feel like no one ever reads/comments mine too lol. But I DO READ IT!

Jenni said...

LoL.. I know people are reading because my counter goes up almost every day by like 10-15..
I read yours as well.. I sometimes dont have a sec to comment.. because I'm skimming over them in the AM or looking at them when I should be studying. haha

Amber and Brian said...

I read your blog :)

I'm pretty sure no one reads mine though. haha!

Lisa said...

I read :)

Jess said...

I is here.

Since I'm growing kid 4 and kid 3 is only 8 months old, my brain has melted completely and I always mean to comment but then I forget. Because a booger needs wiping and then when I come back I'm all "wha??". And get sucked into looking at books I want to read.

But you're in my reader. :)